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this is to start a buyer/seller feedback for myself
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June and I were exchanging PM's on amps and from there an interst developed in my Graham Slee Solo. Very good communication and fast payment. Very nice guy to deal with, thanks.
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June purchased my Triple Fi 10's, great transaction with prompt payment! I'd definitely do business with him again.
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June bought my PS Audio Digital Link III dac. Easy transaction, excellent buyer. And he's a nice guy.
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Bought my Rudistor NX-33. Friendly, efficient, decisive and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended head-fier.
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June purchased an upgrade balanced APureSound V3 Sennheiser cable along with an adapter to single ended and a balanced XLR IC cable. He was very easy to work with and provided great communication.

Enjoy the music!

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June and I worked out a pickup for the DA53. Excellent buyer.
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June purchased an iRiver H140 from me.  He's a pleasant person to deal with and paid very quickly once the deal was struck.  He followed up with an email as well telling me the DAP arrived too.  I highly recommend June and wouldn't hesitate for a moment to do business with him in the future.  Hope you enjoy your DAP!

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