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Electrovoice Duchess IV

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Hello all,

Do any of you know anything about Electrovoice Duchess IV speakers? Year unknown, although I suspect 1960, +/-5 years. Even Google doesn't seem to know, and I'm sure you'll all agree that's pretty odd.

I'm just wondering what, assuming they're in working, I can expect. They appear to have 12s or 15s with a fairly large horn. How would a typical modern amp run them? I guess drivers of that era were not as efficient as they are now.

Maybe I should just stick with my 580s/cmoy, heheh.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
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rk here

I have a pair of these as well and unable to find data. apparently ev does not have record and they experimented on some of these models . I am thinking 56.  I would be happy to exchange pics . and data. however mine have ben scalped. 15 inch speakers and t-35 high end horn.,  if you could help me out on pictures of your parts inside. I might be able to figure out my mid horns and crossovers that are missing.   it would be great to put mine back to spec.  rk

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