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Replacement nubs for Grado antennas

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Has anyone got suggestions for replacing the little black plastic nubs on the end of the RS-1 antennas? It seems they come off relatively easily, and the headphones look a bit odd without them. Is it possible to get replacements from Grado? I've e-mailed them, but no reply yet.
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I'd also like to know, because i have the same problem with the SR125's that i gave away.
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The link below leads to a thread with a few suggestions for replacing those rubber caps on the Grado metal driver hanger rods:


I also read in another thread that if you do contact Grado about those missing rubber caps, they will send you a replacement pair.
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Originally Posted by Bob_McBob View Post
I've e-mailed them, but no reply yet.
Thats surprising. Ive emailed grado in the past regarding missing buttons. They quickly forwarded my email to their Kanadian distributor and they promptly send me some free of charge.

Terrific service and customer support
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Sure... go to your local radio control hobby shop and ask the guy for "antenna tube caps". Theyre usually a couple bucks for a handful of them, and come in all sorts of colors, including black.

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Probably the best thread to post this in:


I changed headbands on my SR325 and the nubs were glued on (probably with loctite) and stripped when I removed them. I got new nubs at a local hardware store. In Dutch, the guy called them 'dompeldopjes', which would translate as 'dunk caps'. They came in Ford-approved colours (black) and were slightly longer and made of softer plastic that probably adheres better to the stalks without the need for glue or loctite. Six 'dompeldopjes' sold at 45 eurocents.


Best thing to do is just go down to your hardware store with your Grados and ask them for new nubs.

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