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Analysis Plus claim

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Stereophile, current issue (November 2001), p. 64.

Signal leaving the amplifier is visibly behind the Analysis Plus cable signal arriving on the downward slope.




Sorry, don't mean to rag on Analysis Plus cables, I'm sure it was just the artist -- he put the purple curve on top of the white curve, rather than to the perpetual right of it, as it should have been.

The day they make a cable that can anticipate the signal, is the day I sell my CD collection.

Just thought y'all might find that amusing.
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Wow, thats a "fast" cable! Some new sort of quantum technology, maybe? If you plug together enough of them, I bet you get to hear your new CD before you get it home from the store! Cool!
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LOL! I bet the RIAA would have a field day with this...
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They neglected to mention...

that you have to take the included audio visualization drugs until you get the proper lead-lag effect
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Aww was there some sort of picture? I wanna see it!!!
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Despite the mislabelled add, they make great cables that offer high performance for reasonable price especially Oval 9/Oval 12 speaker cable, Copper Oval IC, Power Oval AC cord.....I own all the above and have to tell you the patented oval conductor
really does great things for high end sound.
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