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STAX 4070's are in the house..... (pics)

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Thanks to Voltron for setting up a group buy, and thanks to Todd (the vinyl Junkie) for getting my pair out soon. I am happy to report that my new 4070's are in the house and performing very nicely out of the box.

Here is the Box....

Left inside

Right inside

Well it was a long afternoon at work as these sat on my desk as I waited to get home (forgot to bring an 'Energiser' to work).

Marantz SA-7S1 -> Virtual Dynamics Master XLR - > Singlepower ES-1 - >

I am a fan of the O2's so there is a lot to live up to for these. But my O2's are not in danger because of these for me. The main competition will be the AT-L3000's. My main feeling is I need my O2's, they just sound too good. And I need a closed headset as well for isolation, there is a lot of noise in my house. In the end maybe using my ETY 4S (I might have to take these more seriously) will be the isolation phones for me.

From the first few tracks that I am listening to the 4070's are not showing me the bass that I remember when I first heard them (maybe with more play). They are not showing me as much as the O2's as well. The resolution is very high (just as I would expect). Isolation is pretty good, about on par with the L3000's. They cannot push as hard as the O2's do, they have 'fuzzy' artifacts at higher volumes. I am getting a slight hollow sound with female vocals. They are very forward in presentation, but I expected this as well.

There was something in the booklet that came with the cans that keeps coming back to me:

"Before, monitoring live recording was difficult. Now, monitoring with the highest form of reproduction is possible without the interference of outside noise."

That is what they sound like to me, high resolution monitors. Not that, that is bad. They are resolving, and accurate. But maybe not the most musical. I think that they suffer from a loss of soundstage compaired to the O2's.

Anyway, I am going to listen and burn-in for a while.

Everything said above may change at anytime....

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Very nice.
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As Borat would say, "I like!"

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Originally Posted by Nick 214 View Post
As Borat would say, "I like!"

"Would you like to make the sexytime?"

Those cans are looking good. How about a pic of them with your setup, and the all time pic.......you wearing them.
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Okay I am a picture hore.....

And my pumkin head.... no wonder most phones don't fit well...

Okay enough pics, and more words..... The problems with the female vocals have gone bye bye... Listening Diana Krall, her notes are srong and pure, with her breathing in my ear (nice). Bass impact has cleaned up, but still not as deep. It might have a bit more impact over the O2's.

I have to say the isolation has been working. I missed two calls with the phone about 2 feet from my head.

me ->

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Congratz on the new can.

There was a group buy for 4070? How did I miss out on that?
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You seem to be a little underwhelmed. I suspect that break in will help. It's also pretty important to get the right seal. Not usually too difficult with the 4070 so long as the weight of them doesn't cause them to lift slightly from your temples. Like the O2 and the 404 (obviously, same drivers as those) they benefit from a warm up period of about 30 minutes or so. Not strictly necessary, but I think it helps a bit.

The other thing is that they don't respond equally well to all types of music, or so I've found. This goes to your comment about them essentially being closed monitors and not terribly 'musical'. Oddly enough, they can make some music really come to life, particularly recordings with lots of inner details which the 4070 pick up even better than do the O2's in my opinion. But if it's a pretty flat recording, you'll get a plain vanilla playback with the 4070. I guess what I'm getting at is that they scale well with more complicated and better recorded music. In that sense, I really see them as 'truth tellers' and that's the rub. As the old saying goes, sometimes you don't really want to hear the truth!

Anyway, welcome to Club 4070.
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cool. looks like a fun new toy.
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Originally Posted by mikeymad View Post
Thanks to Voltron for setting up a group buy...
You mean a privately organized, "let's order several pairs and see if we can get a better deal" kind of group buy, right? Nothing wrong with that. If it was a broader arrangement than a few friends getting together and involved the use of Head-Fi to organize and orchestrate everything, that sort of group buy would normally require Jude's approval. Maybe that happened and I missed the thread. Or maybe it was very small scale and privately organized which would be fine as well.
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small scale guys... sorry about that. It wasn't that good of a deal anyway...

Your other points are good Wmcmanus... I am having fun with them.

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Welcome to Team 4070!
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Scweeeet! Love dat 4070!

At least to me, it seems there would be a place for both the 4070 and L3000 as they have such differing presentations. The 4070 certainly doesn't have the bass power of the OII, but what 'stat does? The 4070 certainly can wear its' monitor badges with pride.
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So jealous - might I ask what the final cost on the group buy turned out to be?
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Welcome to the 4070 club.
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xx Welcome to club 4070!
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