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I bought them used, but I am writing here because of the outstanding quality of the Headcoverage woodies. The gentleman I purchased my 225s from included the woodies, but they were not installed. I listened to them stock for a few days and have now installed the wood. Not only do they look spectacular but the sound is, imo, greatly enhanced. there is a wider soundstage and the edginess is completely gone and the mids are even sweeter. A really great boost for already great cans, thanks to headcoverage.
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great communiction
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Bought ksc35s from Jeremy, smooth transaction, by the time I was able to start crying over my wallet the package had already arrived. Made those tears dry up mighty fast

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It took a hair over 2 months to receive my wooden cups, which is perfectly reasonable considering the amount of work involved and the amount of people ordering from Headcoverage. Fit was impressively close, kudos to Cody for the great work.

The order wasn't quite what I requested, but it was close. I had wanted the rounded edge, but received a straight one, which isn't a big deal. I had also requested the screens but didn't receive any, not looking forward to finding a way around that. I realize that the gents at Headcoverage are closing up shop and progressing to bigger and better things, but it would be nice to be able to receive these.
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Bought a Jena LOD from Jeremy, it arrive safely, great communication and fantastic craftsmanship
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I bought a second leather head-band from Jeremy since I liked the first one so much - there was a mess up with shipping but I got it just fine after it re-shipped. Thanks!
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Bought a mini-to-mini from Jeremy. Very nice cable, and very good transaction.
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Bought an ER4P to Jeremy lightning fast shipping and arrived as described and most of all got a good deal in an easy communication.
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Just received my new V2 Grado headband from Jeremy. Beautiful work as always.
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Jeremy is a very trust worthy guy. Good communication and smooth deal.
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What is his website address, I tried Headcoverage.com but it does not work ?

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Jeremy sent me a grado headband to help me with a sale.

First of all, the fact that he did this for free is amazing. Second, the headband is amazing. I dont want to send it out.

Next time I need a headband, I'm definitely coming to you!
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Awesome woodies

I got some woodies and headband from Jeromy who not only was willing to meet me for the exchange but walked me through the excercise of rewooding my Grados which are now my favorite headphones. I won't hesitate to do business with Jeromy in the future as he is fair and he know's his stuff. Thank for the help Jeromy. The grados look and sound awesome.
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Hey Jeremy,

Just wanted to let you know the headband you sent to Danny for the raffle at CanFest09 in Charlotte was a big hit. You do nice work dude. Thanks for the contribution.
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I got a black leather lambskind headband from Jeremy. Transaction was brisk and effortless. Headband came today and I can say excellent workmanship! Fantastic work. Thumbs up.
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