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Got my grado recabled by jeremy. The recable was done really well!
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Jeremy made a custom headband for my Chocolate Donuts. It's fantastic and I couldn't be happier. Dealing with Jeremy was easy and a pleasure. Snag one of his headbands now! You'll love it!
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iPhone LOD...

I got Jeremy to build me an iPhone LOD.

I asked him to use a white iPod connector so it would be visually easily distinguishable from conventional and iMod ICs. With the exception of that, it looks quite a bit like a Jumbo Cotton Dock. Very nice looking, high quality build and the iPhone really sings @ the lineout! Highly recommended!

BTW, the LOD works on both iPhones and conventional iPods.

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rosewood custom woodies...

Cody made me a set a custom woodies from rosewood. Form, fit, function and finish is gorgeous! Great artisanship and destined for my SR225s!

Needless to say, I like their work!

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Strangedaze39 (Cody) bought HD 650's from me.Fast, friendly communication,fast payment.Honest,and very reliable.Will definitely
do business with him again.
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2 interconnect cables and a Grado headband for me. Communication was really nice and the items are awesome: the cables look beautiful and sturdy and sound very well. The headband is very comfy and make my MS-Pro look way better
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I executed the triple play; headbands, rod tips and woody cups for my son's HF-1 from Jeremy and Cody. Both transactions went very smoothly and I am very pleased with the quality of the products as well as the mechanics of the deal: speed, communication and shipping. I actually threw a second headband from Jeremy on an ALO mod HF-1 as well.

These guys are inexpensive but not cheap, quality is very good and the value is high. They are a very welcome addition to the custom alternatives out there!

Thanks Cody and Jeremy!
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Just bought a well-crafted 22 guage silver mini-mini from Jeremy. Excellent quality product; great price/value; fast shipping; good communication; smooth transaction....what else can you ask for?!! Thanks Jeremy.

Highly recommended!
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I bought an Jena Cryo LOD to RCA cable from Jeremey. He was very helpful, answering my many questions. The cable is perfect for me. It was packed well and shipped fast. Check out Headcoverage--great guys with affordable prices and fine workmanship. I'm sure I will do business with them in the future.
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I purchased wood cups, rod tips, and a lambskin headband for my SR225's. Cody was a pleasure to deal with and lots of help, even did the installation for me. I couldn't be happier. I would recommend both Cody and Jeremy's work to everyone.
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bought a cyro vampire RCA to mini from fatman711, everything goes fine , cable sound and build are GREAT¬°¬°,
highly recommended.
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I recently bought a silver iPod LOD from Jeremy. As always, his workmanship is first class & I'm very pleased with it.

Thanks Jeremy!
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Custom cable/adapter

I asked them to make a custom, long length RCA to headphone adapter cable. Much better quality materials and craftsmanship than I expected, especially for the low price they charged me. Definite thumbs up.
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Bought a lambskin headband, which is top-notch in craftsmanship and quality. Fits my MS2i perfectly, and really improves the comfort and aesthetics.

Very satisfied!
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I needed a chuck plastic part for a Neutrik 1/4 plug and Jeremy have sent one freely even tho I offered 10$ for his trouble he never wanted it. The item was shipped promptly, I was not a returning customer. Definitely he gave me some serious help and in the future if I need my "head covered" I will look here.


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