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Guess !
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Nylan is a character from the fantasy book series "The Saga of Recluse" by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.. Specifically, the book "Fall of Angels".

I've been using it, along with the number sequence, as my online alias since I was very young.

'83 was the year I was born. '01 was the year I graduated high school. Both parts of the alias aren't very imaginative, I know, but I like them.

Oh, and don't read "The Saga of Recluse" unless you like formula writing where every book is essentially the same, but with different characters and slightly differing plot. I grew to hate this series about ten books in. The beginning is quite good, but it gets very stagnant as time goes on.

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I used to be obsessed with Porsches when I was playing NFS 5 Porsche Unleashed. I also used to frequent Wrecked Exotic Cars, Car Accidents, Car Crash Pictures, Car Wrecks - WreckedExotics.com, so I just fused the names together. I never did wreck any car in real life, not even a scratch till this day. I'm an excellent driver that drives a modest tiny car in real life; just a poor student, no Porsche here.

Will become a Ferrari test driver in the future though.
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Its a short version of my full name.
Nothing more, nothing less..
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Rob Paull is a laser specialist.
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Spoon is from my period as a Falcon 4.0 "pilot". Those were the best days. Met some really nice people, and the Internet was still a reasonable pollite and nice place to hang out.

Not really a reason I chose it, just thought it would sound nice as a call-sign. Stuck with it since.

nor_ is added, as I am from Norway.
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My name is Steve Compton
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Hmm... ShinyFalcon... I had a fascination with falcons back then.

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My name is Tad, and my Japanese name is Tadashi. Well the Mr. part is because last time I checked I am a man.(well manchild to be exact)
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Soon after I earned a PhD in molecular genetics, some of my friends started calling me the "DNA Doc". I've got other aliases I've used for many many years, but that one was new to me, I was happy to be finished with school, and it just seemed to fit at that time. It's now one of three or so I use online (although it's the only one I've used on head fi).
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Originally Posted by appophylite View Post
My primary hobby in middle school and high school was geology, and one of my favorite samples was a mineral called apophyllite:

You would notice though, that even though it was my favorite sample, I spelled the name wrong...
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My Mindset.
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kool bubba ice.. Was a name I used on rap sites & rap forums where I used to 'battle'.. I got the idea from fear ofa black hat.. The lead rapper was ice cold.. So kool bubba ice just came to me.. Unfortunately there is a comedian named kool bubba ice & a lot of people get us confused..
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Childhood nickname, quickly shortened to "EK", sometimes replaced with "eviljerk", "evildick", "evilasshole" and so on.....

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I'm very unoriginal - mine is the first initial and my last name, simple as that :0
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