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Is this thread dead? Hope not.


Hi Hans, dunno if you're still reading this, but I have recently acquired a V1 iQube and had met with all the frustration (sore fingers as well) experienced by fellow head-fiers in respect of opening the battery cover. I have tried every method mentioned here but no luck. So I just resorted to the good old method of removing the screw and dismantling the whole thing - after I've removed the back panel (with the in-out jacks), I tried to observe the behaviour of the clips when I press the side of the battery cover, and (adopting the numbering used all along in this thread) I found that even if I exert any kind of brutal force, clip 1 just would not budge. Not even a nanometer. I started to think "holy sxxx this is crazy!!!!"


Finally I used a paper clip to unclip clip 1, the side with only one clip came off, and the rest requires only one millionth of that effort I put in for clip 1. I tried massaging the clips again and again, hesitantly put the cover back on, then tried it all over again...................no luck. still no luck. same observation: clip 1 just would not budge.


Again I used a paper clip to unclip clip 1 and do it all over again, then I read from you that it is possible to remove the clip diagonal to the no-clip position and the cover can still be locked in place. So I tried that, and YES that makes life much much much much easier ------------ point is with that clip removed, I think maybe it's better to start NOT with clip 1 but the one directly opposite the no-clip position. and BINGO that one is easy.


Then I think I see what's the problem all along - the choice of position for clip 1 is rather questionable. Any movement of clip 1 is hindered by first the capacitor placed right at its back and secondly the battery compartment itself - in fact when the cover is removed it is clear that part of clip 1 is trapped in between the black battery compartment and the aluminium outer shell, thus making it rather impossible to move even a tiny bit. On the contrary, the clip opposite to the no-clip position is free of any hindrance and would make a great starting point of the whole process.


Then I think: Why on earth dun you desginate THAT particular clip as clip 1, with the 3rd clip installed at what is now the no-clip position? I tried that immediately to confirm this theory and as expected yes it worked, like miracles (not really, just some logical deciphering). No massaging required any more.


So, that is my suggestion for you Hans, I hope you have the chance to read this and I also hope this would help other desperate iQube users like myself in the past. OK so now back to audio bliss with my little iQube~

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Well yes I still read this.


Our instructions have always been to start opening the cover at the 1-pin side and to start close to the front, not the back. At that point it is easiest to lift the cover since there is no locking pin.

Having lifted it a little you can apply more force and the rear sided pin will disengage.


But as to your suggestion. I will for sure check if your suggestions works and if so how we can apply that in production.


Because please bear in mind that we first mount the locking pins into the sides and only then slide the PCB into place. With 2 pins mounted in the front position there is not enough space to slide the PCB in. The switches will block against the screws.

You could suggest bending the side strips outwards but this would damage the fitting possibly even breaking the side strips.


Mounting the pins and screws after the PCB has been slided in is very hard and tedious. For production you need reliable, easy, stable and reproduceable procedures.


rgds Hans

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Just bought my iQube last week. Great amp!

I used to have Rx, 71A and Stepdance. I'm glad that I finally settle down with iQube. o2smile.gif

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Originally Posted by chowyeung View Post

Just bought my iQube last week. Great amp!

I used to have Rx, 71A and Stepdance. I'm glad that I finally settle down with iQube. o2smile.gif

How do you compare iQube with stepdance. Is it really better? I have iQube v2 (see my sig.)  but I need a second rig. In this rig I will no need a DAC (I will be using a smartphone as source) and will use IEMs for HP (maybe Earsonics SM3). I was thinking stepdance because price is a bit lower than iQube and some say SQ is better. I don't mind much less battery life.

I am very interested in your opinion about stepdance Vs iQube.

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I had a look through the thread and didn't spot this info, but sorry if it is in here. I noticed the i-Qube has a DC in, so is it possible to use the i-Qube using a DC power supply? Or is this simply for charging it when there are re-chargeable AAA batteries in it? I thought this wasn't so clear.



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