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I am using Final Audio tips now which don't isolate at all. They are toothed so that air moves in and out of the canal easily. They are not attached to my FX500, but when I return to Korea, I will try it out. I have a feeling it will make these things (and any bassy dynamic iem) breathe very well.
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After having had these for over three weeks now, I can safely say that these are absolutely the single best pair of IEMs I have ever had the pleasure of owning; fantastic. Thanks shigzeo for making me a believer .
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Wow, that is a goodly and unexpected super-praise. I love them too and am glad you enjoy them. I did NOT get a chance to hear the new FX700, but may just purchase them when the chance arises!
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So after reading 40 pages of this thread, I am really tempted to get these (finding my RE0 a little bass deficient). However, it has not become clear to me how bad the microphonics on these are. Are they as silent as my NE-7M or as loud as the RE0 (or god forbid RE2) when worn straight-down (I can't get cables to remain over the ear for whatever reason, maybe because the space is already occupied by my glasses)?
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I don't hear microphones in the cable At all,dead silent.
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They are much better than the NE7M for microphonics. In fact, they are one of the best on the market for microphonic noises. The Westone cable is better and the Audio Technica CK10/100, but other than that, there isn't really a better cable for noise. The cable will harden over time though.
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How long can I reasonably expect the cables to stay in good working order?

There go my 150USD (I should have never come to this site - in fairness, this is currently pretty much my only money draining hobby [1] so I guess I can half-justify it)

[1] Due to lack of time to play with them, I stopped buying electronic gadgets

So I succumbed and ordered a set
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Hey guys, so I lost one of my Koss Earcushions

But it was a blessing in disguise as I tried a pair of Head-Direct single-flange silicone tips from my old RE2 and gees.

If you think the FX500 has sucked out mids, you really should use these tips!

The Head-Direct single flange tips really do boost the mids superbly. It makes the FX500 very balanced indeed. It does lower the bass quantity a bit but tbh, the balancing out of the sound makes it sound much more realistic with songs, even bass heavy ones. It will deliver deep reaching bass when there is deep reaching bass as sometimes with the stock tips, even though the bass is deep and fantastic, it sometime is too much for that song.

I'm loving my FX500 with these tips tbh, even more so than with the Koss'. Very balanced sound while keeping the timbre that these earphones bring to the table and the deep extension of the bass.

If the upcoming FX700 has more detail and transparency than the FX500 while keeping the great bass and timbre = I am in!!!!

The Head-Direct single flange tips are a tight fit on the nozzle but they will fit.
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So I literally plugged into my ears like 10 minutes ago, took them out again and fitted ebayish bi flanges. First impression, very nice bass (slightly less than with the included tips but I can't get a decent seal, my ears must be too big), immediately let me reconfigure the usually bass boosting eq (had the RE0 paired with the Clip+ just before that). They definitely look like no IEM I have seen, must be the wood .

Prodigy's Their Law is mighty impressive, strong but very controlled bass, no boominess at all. It sounds a little club/hall (not at all cramped like many IEMs do - airy might fit it) and I really like that. Soundstage seems pretty good, gut feeling is it's wider than the RE0.

Cable is leagues above the one on the RE0 and I actually prefer shorter cables because there is less tangle with Clip like players (I can't be bothered with the large ones in general).

First impression: it's like an RE0 with its two main deficiencies (cabling, bass) fixed - perhaps at the price of a little less sparkle but everyone claims these benefit vastly from burn in so I'll judge again in 100h or so . Definitely worth the 150 USD shipped.
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Some more impressions, comparing to the RE0 in particular. The bass really is astounding but for tracks where the RE0 really shines (*sparkly* piano) the sparkle is a little lost. Still, I like them very much, they won't supplant the RE0 but nicely add another, totally different experience.

Other than that, I definitey do not experience piercing treble, if anything, coming from the RE0 treble is comparably little weak but since treble is really where the RE0 shines, that's sort of to be expected I guess

Edit: the one issue I have with them: even on the lowest level (just before going silent) the Clip+ makes these quite loud for bass heavy music. Is there a good way to get them to be less loud without destroying sound quality?

BTW, is there any place that ships the Koss Earcushions or the Sony Hybrids to Switzerland (some on Ebay, but are they fakes?) - I can't seem to be able to fit the large single flanges from my RE0 on them .

The Head Direct Signature Bi Flanges (is there any place to get these without paying 25USD for a pair, I love them on the RE0, BTW?) fit reasonably, but don't do much over the standard bi flanges I had on them before
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First impression:

vs. IE8. Superior treble accuracy. Nails everything the Senns get almost right--sticking on high-hats, the inhale of a breathy singer, a pianissimo cymbal in an orchestra. Can't match the Senns' sense of power and space, but what can, really?

vs. TF10. The same recessed mids, but much worse. I don't know whether it's a design flaw or intentional, but without EQ, these phones will eat, chew, and swallow all your vocalists. It can be wrenched into a decent, even full sound, but it takes attention over time and tracks. Baffling.

The bass has quite a flat extension down to the low bass--no midbass hump. It's not prominent--it's accurate, down to the low bass. I'm a stickler for that, and these deliver.

Overall, a pleasant surprise. I suspect these may even replace my Atrios as my favorite sub-$200 bass phones.

Edit: These are the best phones I own.

Flawless? No; vocals can be strange, and they can get a little hot, shiny, and sibilant on the wrong track.

Stepping back and looking at the overall presentation, however, when I'm feeling picky and critical, these disappoint the least. No matter what system I'm on, once I solve the strangeness in the mids, there's nothing else to do. I don't have to flatten a midbass hump (Hi Senn!), or jack the bass (RE0). No treble roll-off, either.

Bright and warm and accurate and musical, I can describe all my phones in terms of what the FX500s do that they don't.

The (strangely thin) retail trade is pricing these near $150. I would pay triple this. They're that good.
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I don't think my mids are recessed after a few weeks of use. ABing with the RE0, it does lack a bit of sparkle/brightness but it does not sound recessed to me. And it certainly makes up with actually producing a very nice bass that you can feel physically.
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I'll state it here right now

After a lot of tip experimentation I've settled on the Head-Direct Double-Flange silicone tips. There are the ones that come bundled with the RE series of earphones that Head-Direct offer and are not the larger clear coloured bi-flanges that Head-Direct offer on their website. I feel they are much better than the Koss Earcushions and also isolate the most as well. It gives the FX500 much better isolation and more depth as well.

It gives the FX500 the mids without missing much at all of the deep bass quantity wise at all!

So really, the best tips for the FX500 are definitely the Head-Direct Double-Flange silicone tips. Massive improvement over the stock tips and change it considerably for the better.
I have emailed Fang in terms of the availability of these tips.
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Hi chinesekiwi...

Head-Direct sells those as a a kit of two pair plus a sheet or two of the RE's series filters. I like those filters on the FX-500s as well...

But its funny after all this time that you and I reach the same conclusion and WELCOME to finding the BEST FX500 Tips!!! <(;') time!!!

Many hours of fun you and your phone's pleasure as you enjoy your tunes from now on!!!

Much Enchantment!
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I will try the monster turbine pro (new proprietary foam tips - not the comply) with the FX500 to see how it works. could be good
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