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CMOY and wires...

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well, got most of the cicuitry soldered now. nood some money to order the jacks and crossfeed stuff to finish it.

I got a lot of wires running across the board tho. I layed out a few different lay-outs (, didn't help in getting less wires. I could've packed it a bit tighter, but my soldering skills and unwieldy iron don't allow for too much close-quarters sodering.

I got 12 wires already, but that doesn't include input, output, crossfeed and LED wires.

so, does this matter? have I created a RFI-and-noisefloor generator with opamp stage, or is it okay? I don't have a camera or anything, but believe me, it's packed with wires!
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hmm, I don't think the wires will be too much of a problem, as the cmoy amp seems to be very resistant against RF interference, be very tolerant of mediocre layouts (its VERY hard to get it to oscillate), and dead quite. Give it a try, it should work fine.

of course, good layout should in theory improve the sound/performance, just try to keep wires as short as possible, and avoid running them parallel to one another (cross at right angles). You can build an entire cmoy/47 amp without using a single wire on the circuit itself, by joining every part's lead to the next, though there's little you can do about wires for the inputs, outputs, pot, switches, etc...
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k, thanks. I made sure no wires are touching each other and are as short as possible. I just couldn't find a layout on this particular board that connects the power supply to the ground as well as the ICs. I could've avoided another pair of wires, but that would've increased the risk of solder bridges.

but looking at some pics of other CMOY's, I think I'm not doing that bad
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