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ESI U24 XL (new Waveterminal)

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Hi all. Apologies in advance if this has been reported on before .....

I came across the new ESI U24 XL, which is meant to be the new Waveterminal U24. The U24 XL will "be available by the end of Q1 2008".

- 2 x analog input and 2 analog output channels (1/4" TRS connectors)
- one output connector usable as headphone output
- S/PDIF digital in and out available via optical (Toslink) and coaxial (RCA) connectors
- 24 Bit AD/DA converter
- analog and digital channels can be used simultaneously and independandly
- drivers for Windows Vista/XP with ASIO and GSIF support with low latency
- Core Audio support under Mac OS X 10.4 and higher
- dimensions: around 9 (B) x 9 (D) cm
- bundled with Steinberg Cubase LE 4.0 for PC and Mac

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very interested!!! it's cuuuuute. USB powered, 9cmx9cm, digital out, $129.... someone compares it to EMU-0202 usb please.
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Any idea on the compatibility of Esi USB products with linux?
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This looks very similar to the Musiland Lilo III (with coaxial as well as Optical SPDIF). Does anyone know if the internal parts are similar?

The only reason i have not bought a Lilo is that the SPDIF receiver is meant to be one of the worst for Jitter, so that ruins th low jitter USB side of the Lilo.

May be the ESI is better with regards to jitter? I prefer the Coaxial as well over the Lilo's Optical. I'm hoping this will be as good as the HagUsb I have as a USB to SPDIF converter, but capable of 24/96 files as well.
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Anyone used this device? What are the impressions?
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there's no volume knob, so you can't change the volume when going bit-perfect then ?

and there's no E-WDM drivers....what's the point to get ESI then ?
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Well, this device has a line-out, so connecting it to an amp would give you some volume control when going bit-perfect, don't you think?

read this:
ESI - Driver Technology
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yes, but there's an amplified headphones output apparently, so a volume knob would have come in handy.

it would also appear that not all the ESI external soundcards have E-WDM drivers.

this one says it does:

this one too:
ESI - U46 XL

the U24 does not:
ESI - U24 XL
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The headphone out port is not amplified. It is not really a headphone out, it is just a stereo line-out. It will work as a left channel line out on a mono 6.3 mm jack and a stereo line out on a stereo 6.3mm jack.
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so they've drawn a headphones logo for what purpose then ?
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To indicate a stereo port, not amplification. You can regulate volume of an unamplified line out from a pc, it is a DAC setting.
Why the hell am I even responding to your posts man? You are dumb as a brick wall, and have zero understanding of basic matters...

Read the specs once again:

"one output connector usable as headphone output"
See what I mean (I don't think you do)
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Originally Posted by gregzx View Post
You are dumb as a brick wall, and have zero understanding of basic matters...
coming from a polak, I'll take it as a compliment
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Heh, this thread is not taking us anywhere. I guess we better peace out, cuz it is getting messy.
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