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Luminette bought my HD280pros.

He sent a money order out the day after we finalized the sale!
It took freaking forever to get here by no fault of his but he was very patient and kept in touch.
I enjoyed communicating with him.

A great addition to the community.
Don't hesitate to buy/sell with him.
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Sold my ttvj millett hybrid to Luminette. Communication was excellant and he is very pleasant to deal with. Sent payment exactly as planned and was very patient through out the process. Satisfied and happy to have sold to a good head-fier.
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I wish every Headfier was as honest, forthright and steadfast as this Gentleman. If we had a class of "Super" Headfier, he would be a member. I didn't simply make a transaction, I made a friend as well. My highest personal and business recommendation. Enjoy the Slee and Lisa my friend.
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I sold a ALO power cable to Luminette, the payment was prompt and communication was excellent.
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Sold a CD to Luminette. Easy, fast transaction.
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Bought a Graham Slee Solo amp from Luminette. Promptly responded to all my inquiries. The amp arrived well packaged, in excellent condition. Would do business with him again.
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I sold a used ipod to Luminette. We agreed on a price and payment was promptly sent. Easy transaction, thanks.
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Very smooth purchase from Luminette. Couldn't have been easier. I highly recommend working with him!
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Traded my HFI-780's to Luminette for his DT880. He was great to deal with...pleasant communication, prompt delivery. I'd happily do business with him again. Thanks!
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Luminette bought a CD from me. Very good communication and prompt payment, thanks!
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I purchased an ALO power cord from Luminette. A fast, easy transaction withexcellent communication. Ill deal with Jackson anytime.
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Bought His K240 Studios. Condition just as mentioned and sound Great. Prompt delivery as well. Would deal with him anytime in the future.
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I sold my iQube to Luminette. His communication was excellent and he was a pleasure to deal with. A very smooth transaction overall and I'd definitely do business with him again.
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purchased a yuin pk1 from luminette. great communication, prompt shipment, all around great hi-fier. he even messaged me on aim to check on the status of the package and to discuss random equipment. doesn't get much better than that.
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I bought a pair of Ultrasone HFI-780 from Luminette. Quick shipping and fast communication. Would easily recommend, thanks!
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