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excellent review jilgiljongiljing, it made me register, and i have a bit of problem here.
I already bought 0202, i wasn't aware that 0202 doesn't have master output controller.
I'm not some huge headphone audiophile but i want the quality of course, i bought 0202 to be able to connect with my stereo amplifier and my Philips SBC HP-1000 headphones, i don't have head amp yet.
Problem is, without master output switch, i can't control the signal, when i turn up the headphone volume knob i end up with 2X sound.
This is very inconvenient, cause every time i want to switch, i have to walk across the room and turn off the volume on the amplifier.

Have you found some solution to this issue?
It's really silly they didn't thought of making the output controller.
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maeda, I'm a bit confused by your post.

First, are you connecting your headphones to your stereo amp? You can drive them with the internal headamp quite adequately--no need to drive them from another amplifier.

Second, if you are referring to driving speakers from the stereo amp and you want to control the volume from your PC, there is a solution. You should be able to control the output level of the 0202 USB from Windows by single-clicking the speaker icon in your systray and using the volume slider. Note that you must only single-click--if you double click and are using the 0202 USB in ASIO mode, none of the mixer sliders will function.

It's just the same as using a CD player with fixed outputs, which isn't a problem for most users.
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Hi sejarzo
No, i have connected both, my stereo amplifier to 0202 rear outputs, and headphones to 0202 front headphone jack, that's why i need some output control.
About volume, when i installed emu drivers, they took over my audio properties and i don't have speaker icon in tray anymore, just emu icon with no volume control, so every time i need to go to control panel - sounds - emu audio - volume, but that's another story
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If you are running XP, go to the XP Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices and the first tab you should see is "Volume"....look about halfway down the tab...check the box to select the "Place volume icon in the taskbar", click apply, and then click close.....you should have it back!

Would that solve your problem?

I still can't understand exactly what you mean by "when i turn up the headphone volume knob i end up with 2X sound", though!
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Originally Posted by maeda View Post


About volume, when i installed emu drivers, they took over my audio properties and i don't have speaker icon in tray anymore, just emu icon with no volume control, so every time i need to go to control panel - sounds - emu audio - volume, but that's another story
Enter mmsys.cpl on Start Run.. dialog .. there you should be able to enable the icon back in the Task bar by enabling the option "Place volume icon in the taskbar".

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The GL is much too cold sounding for the 0404, try the two with a decent tube amp and you will notice the difference in warmth + details!
Yeah I am sure that tube amps would be an awesome combo. Unfortunately I wont be able to use one at work (not that its not allowed or anything, it will just attract too much attention, more than I need). But yes, sometime soon...maybe.

But rite now, I am quite content with the Glite+0404.
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Originally Posted by jilgiljongiljing View Post
None of the above. The Gilmore Lite really helped the overly energetic sound of the 0404. The treble was no longer piercingly sharp, instead it was smoother and fuller sounding. The bass got a nice little push forward with better punch and presence and the mids had a more balanced presentation.

Overall, smoothness is the term I would use to describe the way it affected the sound. Its a great combo IMHO, and I am glad I already had the Glite with me.
Wow, that sounds very promising. Lately I'm finding that "warm" and "cold" mean very different things to different listeners, making it tough for me to even consider impressions that use the phrasing.

The Gilmore is definitely a candidate for my rig though, thanks for the impressions jilgil .
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tnx for the tips
sejarzo, sorry if my post is confusing, by 2X sound i mean, simple, when playing music through foobar i hear it on speakers and headphones.
And there is no (easy) way to control that, i can control only headphone out with the headphone knob, but as jilgiljongiljing sad there is no master output control like on 0404.
With master output knob i could control signal to amplifier too.

I took some screenshots so you can see what happens with audio properties after emu software installation, has nothing to do with previous problem thou.

Standard volume, all option are grayed out

I must go to audio tab

and than volume, looks like this

So, no easy way to get to software volume too

Emu taskbar icon which replaced volume taskbar icon brings this panel

You can choose sample rates, skins, and that's about it
I hope some 0202 owner can prove that i'm blind, but that is all i can see for now
But apart from those issues, the sound (with proper foobar setup) is really great
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Thanks for clearing things up, maeda!

Strangely, the volume control is not grayed-out on my system when the 0404 USB is turned on and becomes the default device. Both units use the same driver, so I presumed that the way they interfaced with XP would be the same.

I see more options in the E-MU control panel, but those have to do only with the 0404 USB's digital outputs--so you wouldn't ever see the "bottom half" of the E-MU control panel.

What happens if you turn off the power on the 0202 USB......does the default Windows sound playback device automatically switch back to your Realtek?

If it doesn't, manually set the Realtek to the default playback device, and then turn on the 0202 USB.

Also, are you using the latest drivers downloaded from the E-MU site?

I'm also surprised that the default recording device is shown as the Realtek if the 0202 USB is powered up. On my system, both default playback and recording devices become the 0404 USB when it's powered up, and when the power is turned off to the 0404 USB, both defaults revert to the onboard device (Realtek on my desktop or the ConexantHD codec on my notebook). Several others have reported the same behavior, that no user intervention is needed when the E-MU is turned off to allow the onboard device to take over.
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maeda, you would have to have an external amplifier with a volume control for your speakers. If you do not have a remote, then I understand your issue, you would have to physically reduce the volume on the amp.

One solution I found here is software volume control in Foobar itself. Its almost like a hidden feature, but what I do is set keyboard shortcuts to volume + and - ( I personally have Ctrl + Num + for volume up and Ctrl + Num - for volume down).

If you set these as global hotkeys, then even when foobar is not selected and playing in the background, you can control the volume using these hotkeys. The volume level on your headphone out from the EMU 0202 will also reduce or increase accordingly, but you can adjust the headphone out volume using the knob anyway.

Hope this makes sense.

Look for keyboard shortcuts in Foobar->Preferences->General->Keyboard Shortcuts.
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I'm also surprised that the default recording device is shown as the Realtek if the 0202 USB is powered up
Mine defaults to SigmaTel audio device. I have to set default recording device in control panel. I guess either it works differently for 0202, or its machine specific.
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hmm, when i was deciding between 0202&0404 i thought i don't need all those knobs and options at the top of 0404 device, and 0202 looks more elegant without.
Now that i know the situation, i would spend an extra buck for 0404
Will play a bit with turning on/off device as sejarzo suggested and see what happens.
No i don't have remote, i'll try with foobar global shortcuts.
Tnx for all the answers!
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maeda, how adequate is the 0202's headphone amp for the HP1000? I have a pair too, and am trying to decide between 0202 & 0404.
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You could try set the E-MU as the preferred playback device and then just 'lock' the setting by enabling the "Use Only Default Devices" to get the slider appear/function for E-MU (if it is not possible, try enabling the option while on-board sound only is present ...).

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kamaurul, i didn't try it with other headphones so can't compare, but it's obviously a huge improvement of my old cheapish card.
I'm rather satisfied with sound, but i could use a little more juice thou, but if the price isn't much higher, and especially if you plan to connect your stereo system, go for 0404.

jiiteepee, no go, i tried all your options, but asked/read on unofficial emu board, apparently new? drivers will enable volume taskbar icon, will try that.
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