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ADS L420 aka found on the curb fi

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I was walking the dog two days ago and spotted some speakers on the curb. Naturally I took a look and they seemed fine to me. Took the dog home and hopped into the Lincoln and picked them up. They were sticky? ewww but ok.

Turns out, that sticky is HOW they were finished? wtf? Anyway, they had fuses and one of the tweets was out. Ok, I switched the fuses. Works. Hell, they work well. Detail is impressive actually. They are a bit bright and need a touch of eq at the top but....

Pretty nice for free lol.
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Nice score. My roommate had a find like that once, found some halfway decent (unbranded) bookshelf speakers at a thrift store for $6 once. They're his computer speakers now.
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I'm with you ,curb fi is great

I found a pair of old siemens speakers two weeks ago, someone painted them in an ugly purple color but the speakers are ok and sounding good, have not heard them nicely positioned and in a good chain yet and still dont know whether i like them better damped or not but what a sweet find.incredible soundstage at the pricepoint
Siemens RL202 from around 1972 btw

Do your L420s still have the grills?
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My ADS L780s were a curb find, and yes they were sticky. I re-Teak'd them and they sing nicely.
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yeah these are very efficient and stax sounding speakers in my current rig. well, a bit bright but they throw out a heck of a sound stage.

the warm dac on my old sony pre works nicely.
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