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Another vote for the macbook pro my 15 has been the best computer
i have owned and given me the least amount of trouble, also macs
have a good resale value when you get ready to upgrade.
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I have a Macbook, and just upgraded to a 320 internal drive. Sweet. My son wants more power and is getting the new MacPro. By the way, I use Boot Camp with windows for some business related programs but for the most part boot with MacOSX which is more stable. I dont want to argue which system is better. Both are good although I like the Mac the most.
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macs all the way... !! awesome!
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Check out the Dell 15xx series and the HP6000 series. Most of them are around the 1k mark.
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If you're not going to be gaming, then there's no sense in getting a really spec'ed out laptop. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don't set out to build quiet laptops and that seems to be what you really want. Apple's laptops have, in general, been quieter than other manufacturer's laptops.

I'd suggest going going into a Best Buy or Circuit City. Hopefully you'd be able to hear the fans on the display laptops. If you're not too picky about the kind of laptop you get, then the possibilities are almost endless since most laptops have similar specs and reliability.

Also, I've had my Dell Inspiron E1505 for almost 2 years and it has held up fine. The newer laptops seem to have similar build quality. Dell's real deal is the XPS M1330, their 13.3" widescreen laptop. If you ever think about going to a smaller screen, check it out.
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I'd go with a Dell XPS M1530.

The Macbook Pro has so many little quirks with it that its really irritating to use. Having to reboot to get into Windows is one, and the slot-loading CD drive starts vibrating like crazy with some cd's. Sometimes, it won't eject at all so you have to reboot and hold down the mouse button.
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I keep wanting a smaller laptop, except that it's my only computer so I need some screen size.

If I had a desktop to go along w/ my laptop, Id try and get one of the sweet ultra-portable laptops.
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macbook or macbook pro.
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Originally Posted by Herandu View Post
I need to upgrade my laptop very soon. It's a Sony and I was thinking of going the same route again, but I am not brand loyal to the cause.
I am looking Inter dual core, 15" wide screen, QUIET fan, light weight. The quiet bit is important. I got a 3GHz Compaq laptop that has 5 fans ( I kid you not) and makes more noise than... Because of the noise I haven't used it for months now, and eBay might get a visit soon with it.
I like something with style as well. But I just can't get any info on how quiet laptops are. Anyone who can advise me on which brands and models to look at?
I have a powerbook and a mac pro and i can't fault either of them. Apple laptops and desktops really are great. I also use a modded dell for my design job at work, which is loaded with ram and is very fast. My 3ghz quad mac pro puts it to shame!

When it was new,my powerbook also was much superior over other laptops. Bare in mind though, i am a graphic designer so i use macs as they are better for design.

For general usage, a pc my be more sufficient?
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Originally Posted by Chrispy View Post
I keep wanting a smaller laptop, except that it's my only computer so I need some screen size.

If I had a desktop to go along w/ my laptop, Id try and get one of the sweet ultra-portable laptops.
why don't you get a smaller laptop and an external display?
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I love thinkpad X-series laptops. Small, quiet, light. Get another model if you don't need portability though. Thinkpads in general are built like tanks and can stand up to almost anything and retain their functionality. They're also pretty damn quiet - in fact, they're very similar to macbooks except they're windows machines and are less stylish (and they don't have that magnetic powercord thing). Granted, I'd take the professional image of a thinkpad over the all-too-common trendy macbook image, but that's just a personal preference.
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Ill chime in anther vote for a thinkpad, im a recent convert myself. Head on over to lenovo and check out what they have. Also I have not tried it but there is a growing group of people who are installing OSX on their thinkpads, so you get the best of both worlds reliable and durable hardware and nice user interface.
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Yeah, I'll be buying a Thinkpad end of this year. When Nehalem's Centrino is out.
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