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So I brought my MkIII into work and put it next to my Xiang Sheng 708.

With both being stock, with stock tubes. The 708 beats the ASL (OTL mode) right off the bat. More depth, open soundstage, Better overall tone, very slight increase in detail.

For now, since I don't have any tubes to roll or play with on the MkIII, it is going to go back home, and the 708 is my current desktop winner.

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I have never heard the 708, but the stock tubes in the ASL are really bad. Even current production Russian tubes are much better, but get some NOS tubes and the ASL sounds divine.
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From reading through the thread it shure sounds like it can only get better from here. Don't want to dump too much into it. But maybe spending about $30-$50 for a set of tubes may be in order.

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I'll second that the amp with stock tubes isn't much at all. Also, if you don't want to go NOS right away, throw in some Electro-Harmonix, what I'm using currently. After some hours I'm pretty happy with the sound. Not as warm as you can get it to be, but a tighter bottom end, much like transformer mode can give, and I'm loving mids....very lush!
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I agree. My first rolled tubes in the ASL were Electro-harmonix, and they sounded quite good. Of course, a set of Amperex Bugle Boys all around sounded better
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One of my (original) driver tubes was starting to go, and I had some Amazon credit hanging around. So, I ordered up a JJ set (2xEL84, and ECC83S) for about $45 (not many options out there).

Plugged them in this morning (at work).

Well...... First thought was that they were a bit thin on the bass, and a bit shrill on the high end. Not a great combo to start out with.

One thing I noticed as well, is that they don't seem to hold up too well in OTL mode... Switching it over to Transformer mode, and giving the tubes a bit of time to settle in...

Much happer with it now.

Bass is not very deep. But it has a good tone, and nice roundness to the notes. Mid is slightly pushed forward, makes me look at the music a little different, not bad, just different. The high end is presented very nice now. Overall resolution is good.

I tried to go back to OTL for a while, and again it does not seem to be able to hold up... oh well transformer it is (for now)

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Sylvania 5751 Triple Mica Black Plate driver tube is mind blowing if you can still find one - might cost you a body part however! I also use Hammond NOS Black Plate EL84's to good ends for the power tubes. I've tried quite a few and these are where I stopped.
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No doubt that Sylvania 5751's and Sylvania 6BQ5's are a terrific tube combo in the ASL.
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I tried the Sylvanias - and preferred the Raytheon 5751 by a mile (maybe more ). Whether you choose EL84 Amperex pairs, or Siemens.......the Raytheon is crucial. I'm glad I got some backups - just in case. It's not even close. Since I got a stock of the Bugleboys - thinking of adding a Ming-Da Amp.
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The windmill getter Raytheons? Supposed to be awesome, but very expensive...
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Hey. I am starting to look into tube rolling my asl mg-head mkiii and I am just wondering where you guys find all these tubes to buy?
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Usually eBay,there are private dealers online but expect to pay more from them...
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Okay, that's what I sorta thought. And can anyone tell me which of these popular tubes here are NOS?
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Not sure what you mean. The tubes this amp uses, 6BQ5/EL84 power tubes and 12AX7/5751 input tubes are very common, but NOS varieties are on the expensive side.

If you buy on EBay, just make SURE you are buying from someone who allows returns for DOA tubes - *NEVER* buy tubes "as-is" on EBay unless you really know what you are doing, own a tube tester, and pay so little that you don't mind chucking the tubes in the trash if they are bad.

Here are some other good places to buy tubes:

Welcome to TubeDepot.com!
Antique Electronic Supply
Vacuum Tubes Radio Tubes - 5,000 different tubes in stock - Over 10 million tubes!

Just to name a few I have used and had good luck with. With the last two, you have to call to ask questions about what brands they may have. Tube Depot has GREAT tubes, but they are one of the most expensive places to get NOS tubes.
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Thanks, and what I was mainly wondering was the best place/s to get the Raytheon 5751.
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