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Review of the DIY 6H6N to E182CC/5687 Tube Adapters (BullPlugs) For LD MKII & MKIII Headphone Amplifiers - Page 4

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I think i'd like to have a go at making an adapter or two as I have been given some Zaerix 12AU7's as well as some Marconi B729's

I have already tried rolling a couple of power tubes , the soviet 6n6pi and what seems to be pin compatable the Marconi B729/ECC802 ( which on the packet is labelled as a B729, ECC804 & 6/30L2) seemed to work ok but was a litle bass light but very detailed, I have tried them with a Brimar 8D3/6AM6 ( very weighty bass and nice mids with the 6n6pi's ) and the GE 5654w's seem very detailed with plenty of bass ...( both with grado sr80i)

I am trying to get a couple of GE 5 STAR 5687 an ebay then I'll have a go at making some adapters with some of those adapters sonda2008 spied :-)
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Finally made my adapters .

looking forward to tyying them out
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Hi there page28,
Sorry for not replying earlier. Looks like all my head-fi subscriptions went dead :( I have never tried those Vintage Valve Tube 9-Pin Sockets myself. I’m a cheap bastard and I was reluctant to buy 10 of them + shipping without knowing whether they work or not ;) Some time ago I’ve made my adapters using 4 9pin tube sockets, 2 pieces of PVC pipe, pins scavenged from my old CRT monitor and some CAT5 wiring. They worked fine... well... they had some practicality issues. Since the pins were not soldered they used to randomly remain in the amp socket which was quite annoying.

If you could share your experience making adapters with those Vintage 9-Pin Sockets I’d be interested.

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I’ve just received two vintage socket savers. Looks like it’s what I wanted to create neat looking adapters.



I’m still waiting for adapter boards. I hope they will make my life easier during rewiring process.



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Thank you Ethebull for the inspiration! :)










































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I'm really interested in this adapters, but I don't think I could build them.

If anybody would build me some, please PM me!

I would pay for parts and shipping.

So please help me getting these awesome adapters! smile.gif

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I no longer have time for my hobbies not to mention helping (manualy) other people. Buy yourself a soldering iron and start your adventure. Chase necessary parts on ebay. They are relatively cheap. I still have two of those round PCBs somewhere. I can give them for free but I will charge for the shipping from Europe.

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Oh boy...
I need to make a pair of these so I could use 6n6p tubes in 5687 sockets. Adapters with long leads are not optimal as they could potencially introduce oscillation. Good suggestions otherwise.
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Originally Posted by sonda2008 View Post

Thank you Ethebull for the inspiration! :)




Thank you for sharing those links and pictures, I'll probably do your method smily_headphones1.gif

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Is there anyone who can sell these adapters? I'd like to put E182CC instead of my PN6P.. I can pay all costs. But it is just too complicated for me. I do like soldering but be noob in tubes.

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