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I sold my Creative Zen Vision: M to David with a whole bunch of accessories andthe process with him has been seamless. He saw my ad in the FS forum, contacted me via PM and told me he wanted the whole bundle. I told him it was his and we went on from there. he provided me with his IM screenname just to ensure that contact between us would be easy. So we IM'd briefly to iron out the details. He sent the money via PayPal right away and I proceedd to send the package the next day (with a number of goodies that I had overlooked in my post, I might add).

This was David's first buy on the site. He is very easy to deal with, provides great communication, does not haggle you or nag, etc. He is a highly recommended buyer/seller and should you have any questions about his integrity feel free to contact me whenever you wish.

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Sold him my PA2v2. Easy to deal with and payment was super fast.

Thanks for the super smooth transaction!
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Sold him my DS Lite. Easy to deal with and nice communication. Paid fast. Good buyer.
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sold him my prelude soundcard. very nice young man. first class communication. thanks!
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Traded a Meta Amp with a brand new pair of SR-325i. Great fellow to deal with and easy transaction. Would not hesitate to do business with him again.

Highly reccomended.
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sold dave a pair of HD650s transaction went as smooth as one could hope for, definitely will do business with gain!
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Bought some USB stuff from demix500. Shipping was quick and when he said it would be, and items were as described.

Thanks for the smooth transaction!
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Bought a gift card--a very seamless, quick, and easy transaction
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Bought another gift card and minus a snafu, it was a quick and easy transaction
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Very helpful once again! Encountered some problems but they were easily resolved. He went above and beyond for a solution. Highly recommended and all around very pleasant fellow.
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Sold a Best Buy gift card to Demix500--everything went smoothly. He paid really fast! Good guy to deal with.
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I purchased an iTunes gift card from Demix500 for my daughter. It was a very smooth transaction, he even sent the code before my payment was sent. I would certainly do business with him again. Thank you!
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