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As I saw there was a Vans thread, I thought there should be a Converse one too!

Now show me your beauties! Here is my contribution, black All Star, about a year old.

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there been a resugance of the chuck taylor all star converse in the last year or so, and its a classic shoe that has had its part of history, but the problem is that the original ones were made in the USA and were double layered, while the current ones are made in south east asian sweatshops by nike and are only 1 layered and horribly built,

its a shame nike is making such a profit by destroying a shoe that was truly an american classic,
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here are mine, stacked in case you didn't notice...normal lows at the bottom, then some of the new ev-slip thingies (they are pretty awesome) and then my hi-tops

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I went through 3 different pairs of Chuck Taylors over the years: 1st was a pair of blue low tops, then a pair of black high tops, then a pair of brown high tops which I still use to day. They don't get that much use, since I find my Adidas Sambas more comfortable. Plus they have a tendency to crack at the outsole, just where the ball of the foot flexes.
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Here's my contribution a black suede in black sole chucks brought from ABC Shoes Yokohama, Japan in winter of 2004.

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My latest pair:

Special ed. black suede with black/red plaid lining.

Also got pairs of:
- Mono black hightops
- Blue hightops
- Special ed. gray/black lowtops
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