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Modify your Woo 6. . Sophia and EML 274B . Images pages 32, 33, 34 of int. and ext. and discussion of the SE . . . - Page 8

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Glad to help when I can.

In doing more reading and studying it looks like the Goldpoint attenuator is a very good option. It offers the same or better quality compared to the DACT and is less money. The 100K stereo version is the way to go. I may order one today or tomorrow. It does say the hole required is 10mm and the one in the Woo is 9mm so I don't know if there will need to be an adjustment or not. Also the original volume control knob should work but they also offer a nice custom one but it is 1/4 inch less in diameter. More transparency should be the consequence as well as improvement on artifacts that lesser attenuators can impart.
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Jamato do you mean something like?: GOLDPOINT MINI-V BLANK STEPPED ATTENUATOR - eBay (item 190194956436 end time Apr-29-08 02:08:29 PDT)
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Originally Posted by mrarroyo View Post
No, one that is built with smd resitors like:

GOLDPOINT STEREO STEPPED ATTENUATOR - eBay (item 190212737151 end time Apr-13-08 08:30:49 PDT)

Still hearing some changes even as today has worn on. Going back and forth between a portable and the 6 as music continues to form the caps. Right now it is very transparent and dynamic. It kinda teeters back and forth but I expected this. Unlike my portables I don't leave the tube amp on burning in when i am not around so it takes longer. Nice sound now, extremely good. Will have to look more at a 50 or 100K Goldpoint attenuator.

Whew, this thing is really changing now. Too real. I need to do more work but the sound is spooky good. Such depth of the acoustical space and 3D feel, and body to the sound, whether guitar or voice or audience.
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I have the Goldpoint ordered and on its way.

After the pseudo power supply change and the Mundorf silver and gold .22uf coupling cap change this amp has taken on an entirely different sound. It was fine before but the transparency, depth and liquidity is just Wow. The Mundorfs have been opening up today even more. Having never using the silver and gold before I don't know the time frame for them to fully blossom so this is new ground for me. There is a bell like natural quality. The noise floor also seems to have dropped totally away. The dynamics will startle you.
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Wondering it is time to email Jack about modding my power supply...
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Well I got the Goldpoint today, one day shipping by priority mail but then they were only maybe 80 miles away and it's up and running. Need a little time but already I can hear the difference in cymbals. More of the correct brass sound than brass and splash. Also tone is different.

I hear detail that adds to the enjoyment and I hear tape hiss so low that I haven't heard it before.

Will update more later.
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Well with the Ed. 9 breaking in and further view into the sound of the 6 Modified is coming out. There is a very deep and layered sound that has more of the layering than I have heard before. The combination of the 9, and it isn't even broken in at this time with about 100 hours of on time, works very well. With the modified power supply there is a speed that works very well with the 9's. The 9's also seem to be able to dissect the sound of the 6, while still being musical, that lets me know everything that is going on. For instance cymbals are distinctively brass with no splash of anything but brass. Singers if not on the same plane are easily discerned as to distance in front or behind and to the side. Nice.
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Well I figured out how to install an inductor in the 6. This will allow any rectifier, of the correct type, to be used in the 6 and it will stiffen the supply and further filter the DC. It will allow the use of the Sophia Princess 274B or solid plate and any other directly heated rectifier. I am going to raise the B+ a little also.
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I forgot, when do I get to send mine to you for all the "new" upgrades?
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I got some more RCA 6EW7 narrow tube, tubes today. Not easy to find but you don't have to use an adapter with them. AFter the power supply mod I like the way they sound more. Better transparency and impact.
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Ok, I figured out how I should be able to have 3 inductors in the Woo 6. One for each of the output sections of the 6DE7 and one for the input section. The inductor will provide a constant current source and of course the caps provide a constant voltage source. I will also add a cap for each inductor so there will be more caps involved. This will also allow any rectifier to be used from any of the indirectly or directly heated rectifiers that are made to work with the current demand and base configuration. With inductors and capacitance and increased power supply reserves there should be some positive changes to an already great sounding amp.
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Your determination to wring every last bit out of this amp, and your obvious expertise on how to go about it, is truly amazing.

As we have talked, I am in line whenever you have the time.

Wonderful stuff...
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OK, basic question. Wei Wu, who designs these amps from scratch has 40 years in the biz... how comes he's not designing these mods into the amps?
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The new Woo 6 SE does have many of these. It has the pseudo dual power supply and inductors. We all have our own ideas and experiences but frankly there is little that will be done that hasn't already been done. I have a friend who worked for RCA developing tubes. He has several patents and with that extreme experience in all topologies regarding tubes. There was nothing that I showed him that he was not already aware of even when a designer might state that he/she had developed a "new" way of doing something. It normally has just gone into disuse and then is rediscovered. My modifications are things I have been doing for years. My first tube experience was, gag, over 40 years ago when I built a ham radio and then I was a radioman with all tube equipment in the service.

Anyway, many of these things are being used and are incorporated in the 6 SE though it is also direct coupled, which is how I have designed and used some preamps.
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Originally Posted by mmwwhats View Post
OK, basic question. Wei Wu, who designs these amps from scratch has 40 years in the biz... how comes he's not designing these mods into the amps?
Probably because Woo has to design to a pre-determined price point. If you want their all out assault, see the WA5.

Jam has no such restrictions, such as worrying about who would buy such a boutique amp, he simply goes with whatever sounds best to his ears, damn the practicality. He's willing to make the effort to get small gains in the amps ability to reproduce music, and fortunately has the talent to do so.

Owning a "stock", maxxed WA6, I can tell you it is no slouch as-is.
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