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iPod classic vs 5.5G iMod update??

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Has anyone recently done a serious comparison between the iPod classic with LOD and the 5.5G iMod with ALO black gate LOD using an external amp?
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classic. cap isn't god. I value dac better than cap. I've tried direct comparison between classic and iMod Photo which claimed to be the best iMod out there (excluding caps). Photo wins down by a bit and iMod Photo with cap removed (to make lineout works like iMod video) sounds a lot better than iMod Video with my friend's ALO docks. However, g3 is the best. I've tried all dac to dock mod and can say with confident that g3 brings the best hi-fadility. If you're lucky enough to have G3, you may send this model to RWA to mod it for ALO stuff.

You may try Free file hosting by It's recorded tracks from lineout (There're G3, Photo and iMod Photo with caps)
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