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Sold an AT-ESW9 and Shure E500 to Denny. Payment was prompt and being my first sale on head-fi, I could not ask for a smoother transaction. Thank you and enjoy!
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Excellent seller. Sent the Little Dot MK III he sold me on Friday, arrived on Monday via USPS. Adequate packaging, and he even threw in a few extra RCA tubes and some tube dampers. Definitely recommended.
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Sold the ety er4p to me. Item was as described, and the transaction was nice and smooth. I would buy from him again with no hesitation.

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Denny bought some Shure tips from me. Payed right away and had great quick communication. Pleasure doing business. Thanks!
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I traded Denny some K601's for his HD580's and he purchased an amp from me.Great communication, instant payment, and a very cool Guy.
Perfect transaction! I hope you enjoy your phones and amp.
Take care!
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traded a dac for some AKGs in and in person trade

flawless transaction

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Bought a pair of 325i cups from me. Very friendly person; a pleasure to meet.
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Great guy to deal with!! Great communication and very fast shipping. We've done two trades now and I hope to do more in the future. Thanks!
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legit trader.


TF10's were in flawless condition :)



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