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I traded my Minibox-E+ and some cash to Denny's SR-325i, everything went just fine, thank you!
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Welcome To Head-fi!!!

Autosound had not yet had feedback upon purchase of an amplifier in our transaction. Like a pro, he was the first to respond; and, I mean, in minutes of my posting the amp for sale. Because the sale was for a low price, my PM's were coming in--in insane volumes. Denny impressed me with excellent communication, exceeded only by his speed of response AND payment, sparing me a vast amount of headaches with all the other responders--and, I could close the sale, whew!

His follow up communication was just as excellent, including feedback, and I found Denny to be a full fledged gentleman, an intelligent operator, an upcoming top head-fier, and the rare sort who can figure out and solve any glitches or misunderstandings that might arise allong the way.

I hope Denny will be trusted and treated kindly, with respect, in all his dealings forthcoming on head-fi. It is most certainly the way he will treat you. Do him the justice!

Thanks Denny, Head-fi welcomes good folk like yourself!!!

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Bought some 9 volt batteries from me and payment was sent quickly. Easy and smooth transaction!
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Denny bought an AKG flightcase from me. No problems at all - Too Extreme Thanks!
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Bought some gently used DT770 Pro's, transaction went well, shipped quickly. Only one thing -- he forgot to mention that the little 1/8th -> 1/4th plug was missing. when I contacted him, he said that he had lost it soon after getting the headphones. A slight oversight, and nothing major, IMO. Additionally, he offered to replace the lost piece at his own cost and his own shipping, which is truly an exemplary way to resolve the issue, even though I declined.
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Sold my LDMKIII to Denny. Great comms, fast payment, all around great individual to deal with. Thanks again
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Sold some Grado bowls to Denny and he paid quickly and was very friendly. Would do business with him again.
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SR-225 purchase

Denny purchased my SR-225s and I have nothing but positive things to say regarding the transaction. Fast payment, good communication and no problems. Highly recommended! Thanks....

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I bought a pair of E4cs from Denny and the transaction was flawless...Denny even drove up to my college to deliver the iems!

Excellent communication and no problems at all
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Denny purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-880 headphones and a Zero DAC/AMP. Had quick communications and paid promptly. Would sell to again.
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I bought se530pth from Denny. The IEM is like new, great communication.
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Bought a pair of Klipsch X10s from Denny. Easy transaction and was great to deal with. Thanks again.
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bought an MS1 for my friend from Denny. Great patience and communication, and smooth transaction! MS1 is in great condition, too!
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bought sr225s from denny. very nice guy...was packaged well, shipped quickly, and his communication was great. thanks!
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Sold him my SR-225i/SR-325i stock cables as well as my Qables LOD. Great buyer and very prompt payment. Would definitely do business with again.
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