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Musical Fidelity xcan v8

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I have been struggling to find any information on this upcoming component. I've done several searches here at head-fi and could not find any threads (sorry of there already are). So far, I have just found a news mention at Computer Audiophile | Turn Down The Silence and that is about it.

Would love to get more info on it. The USB input and the changes in input / buffering architecture should make for a very interesting product.

PS: Was wondering what the heck happened to v4, v5, v6 and v7 then decided that MF probably wanted to draw an analogy to a v8 automobile engine...

xcan v8
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I don't know if you've looked at Musical Fidelity's website, but the PDF version of the manual is available for viewing.

Welcome to Musical Fidelity
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why is the volume knob so big.
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I just read the review of the V8 in this month's issue of UK Hifi News and apparently it succeeds its predecessors in the sound department and garnered a decent score. Not too sure about the DAC functionality of the unit though, there were not too much information on that aspect in the review
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Originally Posted by vcoheda View Post
why is the volume knob so big.

Just my personal observation. I think the old v3 has it all over the new v8 in terms of looks. Unless the photos are some sort of mock up, to me it has really gone downhill in terms of visual appeal. I thought the old one very appealing. The new one looks like something made in a back shed as a school metalwork project.

Just looking at the specs as well, the DAC looks disappointing. I wouldn't even consider any DAC that could not convert a 24-96 source at a minimum.

It will nevertheless be interesting to get v3 versus v8 impressions from other head-fiers in terms of sonics.
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Looks interesting but I probably won't buy it.
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I'm going to put an estimate retail price of around $1.6k for UK/EU. (but maybe less because it's in the small-x category) This is predominantly a headphone amplifier with a DAC put in as a freebie so I wouldn't really base any purchasing decision on DAC performance. As usual, MF claim, and I quote, "best of the world" performance from this amplifier, even claiming that it will drive the K1000! Marketing BS or not, that should raise a few eyebrows
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$1.6K is a pretty competitive market... anyone got pics?
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Well, there is the official photo:

BTW, I only came to the sum of $1.6k because the X-DAC V8 costs that much in the UK. If the X-CAN V8 is merely a drastically updated X-CAN V3, then it will cost no more than half as much. Of course, these are all my speculations.
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$1.6k?? It really doesn't look the part

And wow, if those are 1/4 jacks that volume knob is gigantic
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I guess it's the x-dac v8 that costs that much, x-can v8 is cheaper at this linked place and in sweden.

Musicdirect -
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Why v8 and no v4?? To justify the 1,6k? hahaha
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It costs 3.690,00 kn in Croatia, that's approximately 750 USD.
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Price is set at £349 GBP. (= $686, in US maybe less VAT, I'm not sure)
More info on Rock Grotto.
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here it is for $549 at music direct Musicdirect -
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