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Plus they will be for portable use WITH MY minidisc, since I have speakers at home, which will always, (in my opinion be better than phones)
Well I will be using a Creek Headphole AMP fwith the minidisc to power my phones.
I'm a bit confused her Paradigm. The Creek must be plugged into an AC outlet, batteries are not an option. To be truly portable, I would think you'ld want a battery powered amp.

Also, unless your minidisc player has a line-out (mine doesn't), you will not get the benefit of the clean power an amp can provide. You'll merely be amplifying the noise of the cheaper amp inside the minidisc player.

As for you question of whether the SR-325 is worth the extra $200 in comparison to the SR-80, all I can tell you is that there is a world of difference between the two 'phones. The 325s are fuller, richer sounding headphones. In particular, the bass is tighter and deeper. The soundstage is deeper as well, due to the increased size of the earcups. Only your ears can decide if all that is worth $200. To me it was. Good luck.
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Damn I wanted to use the phones for my mini Disc..errrrrrrrr
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>Well I will be using a Creek Headphole AMP fwith the minidisc to
>power my phones. SO would the grado's 325 be a bad idea still???

But you said you wanted it for portable use before... how will you be powering a Creek amp?

If you're really going to be using it from home with a Creek amp, then the 325's are great. But you won't be able to drive them properly from your MD portie. Also, were you planning to use the Creek with your MD? If so, you need to make sure your MD portie has a line-out jack -- most newer ones do not.

>Oh and I hate Koss, I have always hated the sound from there phones.

Well, maybe you should give them a chance? The models I mentioned are almost universally praised as being excellent headphones, and definitely the best inexpensive cans for portable use. Koss makes some bad headphones, but they also make some very good ones.

>The Sony V6 are a rip off for the money, they sucks ass for listening
>too, detail is not there,they sound bright, it does have strong bass
>but it's not clean and refined. Heck it's a SONY what do you expect.

You must be thinking about another model. The Sony V6 is one of the best <$100 headphones out there. Again, Sony makes lots of awful headphones, but they also have some great ones, and these are definitely in that group.

Back to recommendations: if you're going to be listening via a creek amp at home and like the Grados, but via a MD on the road... if it were me, for the price of the 325's I'd get two pairs: a Grado 225 for home and either a Sony V6 or a Koss (or two LOL).
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Well what is a good portable koss, I need on with lots of BASS!!!!
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Paradigm, get either the Koss Porta Pro or Sporta Pro.......they are under $50 and will give you all the bass you need. They are very lightweight and sound damn good, too.
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Of course, the S/Portapros don't have the bass SLAM and IMPACT that the V6's, the Denon ones, or the sr-80's through the sr-325's do, but, they have a lot of bass, though...it's boomy, unfortunately...

But, dude, listen to us. Headphones are not really brand name type stuff. EVERY, and we mean EVERY brand that we like has a LOT of really bad headphones in their line (well, except maybe Grado, but that's because all of their phones have the same type of sound....but that doesnt mean that it's not worth paying $200 more for the 325's if you want the best bass headphone in the world, though, because it IS worth it...)

Basically, you have been confusing us. Are you going to be using a battery powered amp with a minidisk player and then plugging some high end, but bassy headphones in it for truly and completely portable sound? is that your goal? We have not yet told you a headphone that has bad value for what you pay....so they are all WORTH the asking price....what do you want to achieve?
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Well I need a good phone for my minidisc, I want the grado 80's but I would then need an amp, seeing how my SONY MZR-70 Minidisc does not put out enough power to make those grado come alive.

I have a question do Minidisc have enough power to work well with the SONY DJ600???
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The only place that says that the SR-80 needs an amp is Headroom, and no one really knows why they say it. Dude, just buy the SR-80's and be done with it! They don't need an amp!




By the way, we haven't mentioned a single phone that a minidisk player can't drive, mkay??

Also, if you want something with an amp, there is a single set of phones that can, with time and experience listening to them, fool your brain VERY well that your whole body is vibrating. Those are the Etymotic ER4S, and they are in the ear closed earbuds. However, it will take a while to get the whoe effect.

Again, I ask you, what is your goal here? What experience are you going for?
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And Gluegun, none of the Sony MDR-VCRAPDJ headphones have bass that's as deeply extended as the Koss UR-20's! That is, Sony claims bass down to 5Hz for its MDR-VCRAPDJ headphones, but actual bass extension only goes down to 50Hz! On the other hand, the Koss UR-20 actually has deeper bass extension than the company's pessimistic 30Hz claim.
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Gluegun, My goal is to have kick ass headphones for my minidisc.

Problem Is i like my phones load and powerful, but minidisc do not give out enough power to gain that sort of experience. I
d be lucky if i was able to feel the bass off the Grado 80's, with the power that minidisc output.
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How many mW per channel is your minidisk? they SHOULD be able to power SR-80's loudly, my friend....

If your minidisk doesn't have enough power....THAN you need more efficient headphones!

Eagle_driver, I said that the V600's were worse than the UR-20's! heheh, reread my post.
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Gluegun, if you say that the V600's are worse than the UR-20's, I actually went further than that! In fact, I posted that reply for the entire Sony MDR-VCRAPDJ line!
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Well, anyways, now all I gotta do is get Paradigm to listen to my advice, heheheh....

Yo Paradigm! Does comfort matter to you? How about leaking sound or not? What is the price range you wanna stick in? What is your maximum price range? And why do you have so little faith in your minidisk player?
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/Portapros don't have the bass SLAM and IMPACT that the V6's, the Denon ones, or the sr-80's through the sr-325's do, but, they have a lot of bass, though...it's boomy, unfortunately...
The s/portapros don't compare with the V6's for bass, but they destroy the denons and the cheep grado's for bass. It is exagerated, but if you make the proper modifications, the bass sounds quite tight, not boomy. They extend to way lower frequencies than Grados, and is way tighter than Denon bass.
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GLUEMAN, my MINIDISC output level is 5mW + 5mW load impendance 16 ohm

So are they poweful enough???

Here is my minidisc
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