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Best Prog Metal Cans for ~$250

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Just as the title says, I am looking for the best set of cans for Progressive Metal/Rock and Power Metal(The majority of my music). I've read around quite a lot and there seems to be no definite answer(Of course, sound is objective though). ATM, I am leaning towards the Grado SR80's(or 60's if there isn't a huge difference for the price). I've also checked out the Equation Audio RP-21, but I'm still having a hard time deciding. Any suggestions and or opinions? Thanks.
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Grado sounds great with that type of music. SR60 comes with comfies and SR80 comes with bowls. SR80 is bassier and has a better cable I believe.
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If you're cool with open cans, definitely get the SR80s.
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Yeah, open cans are fine. I am normally in a fairly quiet environment so leaking shouldn't be a problem.
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Yup, I agree. You can't go wrong with either the SR60 or SR80. Amazing with Prog metal.
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If your sensitive to high treble, you might prefer MS1 it's a little smoother. I first got a SR60 but the highs was to hard on my ears. The MS1's were much better.
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SR-80s all the way. You listen to what I listen to, and the SR-80s do it REALLY well for the price. Like, really. Go for it.
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I second the ms-1 suggestion. I listen to a lot of prog rock and metal, and they sound great with that genre.
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Thanks for all the quick answers. Looks like I'll be going with the Gradi SR-80's. I don't think I'll be disappointed. Thanks again.
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It depends what you like about progressive rock/metal. I'm a fan of the genre as well, and I decided not to go with grados. I've auditioned some of my friends' SR-80s and SR-225s, and I didn't like they way they presented heavily layered music (porcupine tree, for example). I really think music like that needs a larger sound stage. However, they are great from the metal perspective, so if that's what you're focused on I'm sure you'll love them.
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So what would you recommend to me that provides the larger sound stage?

Edit: I'm waiting till tomorrow to make the purchase, so I am still open to opinions.
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Alessandro MS-1.

I know a few things about Grado/Alessandro phones (see profile) and Metal of all flavors. I am also pretty confident you would dig the SR-80s as well, whichever flavor you decide on, just be sure to try out bowls and flat pads at minimum (there are many pad options available). Also if purchased brand new, make sure to let them burn in for 100ish hours, and make sure to stretch the headband as indicated in the instructions that accompany the phones to ensure they are loose enough to rest lightly on your ears, but not so loose that they feel like they want to fall off of your head.

Then fire up your favorite Power Metal album, and be prepared to have your mind blown.
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It's easy to find the Grado 225s for $150 on this forum, they are better than the SR80s for Prog-Metal IMO.

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In testing out a bunch of Grados, I liked the SR80s a lot better than the SR60s. I didn't find too much difference between the SR80s and the SR125s. Though after I listened to the SR225s, the SR80s and SR125s just didn't cut it and the SR60s really fell off the radar. Though the SR225s run new ~$200 which is higher than you want to spend. Oh and then I decided why not and listened to the RS1 and RS2 and you can really hear a difference, but them you're talking new $400+ headphones and well there better be a difference for that price. If I buy a pair of Grados, I'll probably go with the SR225s. (Though there weren't any Allesandro series MSs where I went to try them out, so....)

For under $100, the SR80s are a good deal with regards to SQ...just don't go listening to the SR225s or higher or you'll get the Head-Fi bug, called upgraditus.

PS I decided I wanted closed cans and went with the DT770/80s and Machine Head's The Blackening really sound good through them...and now that I know they can be improved before long they'll become V3 Darths
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If I could find a used(but in good condition) set of SR225's for around $150, I'd jump on it. But that's a big if, and I can always grab the MS1's or SR80's that are already in my price range.

Edit: How are the Senn HD-595? Someone has a used set for a good price, and if they compare to the Grados for Progressive Metal, I'd bite.
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