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MDR-V6 VS. D66 Eggo (long comparision)

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After extensive listening on both units and basically comparing them to what I will be using for, I think the MDR-V6 is slightly better.. Let me explain:

Source: Apple iPod. I am using this as my work rig, and portability and the ability to hold large amounts of music is a must. I don't want / need an amp for work.

Music: I like upbeat stuff, with the occasional female vocal thrown in. I usually listen to house, and trancey industrial type music. I also like vocals and jazz such as: Miles Davis, Sade, and Natalie Cole. Rock is not an option for me

D66 Eggo + (positives)

Very wide soundstage for a semi-closed can. The vocals / mids are liquid smooth and not too overbearing. The highs are clean but not shrill-like. The lows are there, but you really have to look for it.. For female vocals these cans seem to blend right in. These cans are really good for just throwing a long relaxing playlist and just zone out to the music. The Eggos are also pretty much the most comfortable cans i've ever worn. They simply *disappear* in your head after a few minutes. I never had the hot ear problem that others have complained about either.

Build quality appears to be very solid. I don't usually carry them in their bag either. I just transport them in a thin canvas like bag and toss them into my car when commuting to work. So far, they have held up really_really well and have absolutely no sign of wear to them. The folding mechanism on these cans leave a lot to be desired though. Only one side of the can seems to want to fold in any given time.. No biggie though, cause once they are folded up, they are really tiny and truly portable.

D66 Eggo - (negatives)

Like many have said; "where's the bass?" That was one of the first things I noticed... and this is not coming directly from A/B'ing the V6 either... The low end seems to be lacking. What bass is there seems to be a muddled type of incoherent sound. I tested with tracks that *I know* what the bass should sound like , and the D66s failed them one after another. I ain't no bass-head, but I feel that solid bass is a foundation for all songs.. much like the mids and the highs. The bass impact seems to be much better with the ER4s, as the bass seemed to be more complimentary of the music as opposed to something that you sense is missing.

Overall, the sound is good, but there is still something missing Perhaps a bit too warm sounding, and not as detailed as I would like.

MDR-V6 + (positives)

The general consensus is that the sound is very 'analytical' in nature and that could be a good thing or a bad thing. To me, they don't bother me that much, as I like the detail that comes with analytical sounding cans. I'm a fan of the HD600 sound as well and I can safely say that these are across the globe as far as sound is concerned. The highs are very detailed and nice. The mids are there, and on certain types of music, it is actually preferred to have recessed mids. The bass... ahh.. the bass. One of the best i've heard from my limited hearing experience. I have a specific track that I listen to (Cafe De Flore, Docktor Rokit) that sounds absolutely amazing with these cans. The bass on that specific track is much like hearing one of those 'boom boom' lowrider cars from a mile away. You can 'feel' it coming, even before your brain can register what it is. No other can i've tried can even come close to that experience... It's a true delight to your senses.

I'm not gonna go into to build quality too much as much has been discussed here before. These things are made to last! I've had them for a few months and they look *identical* to the day I bought them. The cups are made of real metal, and the cord is nice and thick. Signs of quality all the way around.

MDR-V6 - (negatives)

Sometimes an all--too analytical sound can be a bad thing. To me, it's all in the preference of music. Some songs i've listened to were just too overbearing and just 'too much' sounding.. I don't like that too much, cause these cans are truly not cans for all occasions. To me that’s where the D66's come in. I can just throw them on and listen to whatever my heart desires (that includes John Tesh) The vocals leave a lot to be desired as well. They can sound too far back--way back.. Had they turned down the treble a bit and bumped up the mids these cans would truly be awesome! The soundstage is not really there either... It really sounds like a pile of instruments mixed in all together and you can't differentiate what's what, and where things are coming from 'Glob-like' is what I want to describe them as.

I don't like the coiled cord. It’s cumbersome and hard to stow away quickly. The cans are also somewhat heavy and has a very dated non-ergonomic design. I guess these were the best they can do back in '85, but it's '03 and the comfort level should be adjusted up by a few notches.. Also, when you take the cans off--you *always* lose your head adjustment. I do_not have this problem with the Eggos. The Eggos have a nice solid 'click' when you set an adjustment level.

Overall, i've been very impressed with the Eggos, but it lacks a certain hi-end sound to them (detail?) that makes it hard for me to reach for them when I have some V6s in the way. This is especially true, if i'm in the mood for some energizing music on a mundane workday. Perhaps my take on them will change with time, but at the moment, I prefer the quirky bassy sound of the V6s with the music that *I* listen too. Others may not agree with my assessment, but it’s just my untrained opinion.

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Awesome, I loved the comparison. Thanks! Definitely dead-on. Nothing to disagree with there. And very entertaining.

As for V6 comfort, try the Beyer pads! They greatly improved the comfort of the V6s for me, really increasing my enjoyment and use of the V6s.

Plus, it's a bona-fide head-fi tweak!
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remember to add that D66 are easy to drive, ideal headphones for portables
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Thanks Steve!

I think I will order the Beyer pads. Now if the pads would just fix the mids on the V6 ??
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Originally posted by ProFingerSk8er
remember to add that D66 are easy to drive, ideal headphones for portables
as are the V6
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hehe, don't think anything can save the v6's mids...least anything short of swapping drivers. The beyer pads make a huuge difference though, especially when you use them for a long time...they end up like old pillows...all snug...sighhH...The V6 is also a VERY easy to drive headphone as well, so don't think you can say the eggos are better in that department, neither is the portability factor...love how the v6 folds up and feel really sturdy. It's as if you can chuck the thing like a baseball. I also agree with you stan that the eggos are missing something...that I myself can't pick out either. I'm sure people who have listened to higher end headphones might also feel this way too. Otherwise, nice review stan, my opinions on these two are pretty much reflected in what you wrote...except I'm not a fan of the 66's pads, would rather have the 22's pads on it instead.
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Originally posted by ProFingerSk8er
remember to add that D66 are easy to drive, ideal headphones for portables
The V6s are *just* as easy to drive.
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Nice write up, Stan.
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Thanks-I really enjoyed that.
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Re: MDR-V6 VS. D66 Eggo (long comparison)

Original Quote of the whole of the original post removed by Duncan
Since I own the V6's and the D-77, I think this review is mostly accurate, but it must be remembered that the V6 has a somewhat exaggerated bass response in relation to "flat", and a slight exaggeration in the lower treble as well, which makes the mid rangeof the V6 suffer a little in comparison. Again, speaking of the D-77 rather than the D-66, the apparent speed and overall crispness is better than the V6's. In addition, the eggo D-77 has noticeably higher sensitivity, making it my clear choice for over-all quality as a portable unit.
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do you really need to quote all the review ?
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Mike, dude. Selectively quote please.
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nice review stan, i have to agree with everything you said...

from just a listening standpoint, i also prefer the V6 (i have the 7506). i love the bass extension and the detail. i do wish for a warmer, smoother mids and a wider soundstage. the 7506 are a bit too forward sounding. but it's definately not a pair of portable cans.

i also wish for deeper reaching bass on the D66, and a bit cleaner treble; but the eggos win hands down for portablilty. i use the D66 a lot more than the 7506 though, and i need to set the bass level just a bit on my MZ-R900 when i use them.

nice review.
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Indeed....That did seem sorta silly. Interesting reply however......everything I ever read on this forum makes me want to buy more headphones and accessories. I both bless and damn you people.
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Originally posted by 00940
do you really need to quote all the review ?
Sorry. Forgot.
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