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Originally Posted by Manny Calavera View Post
Sound in the end,was the deciding factor (as at first I did not hear the Pico,not until recently had I done so).

But at first it was the better battery life,the much better lifetime warranty,looks,and overall expirience in this 'industry' of cottage builders.Not to mention Rays high level of simply excellent customer service,before,and most importantly after the sale.

As well as the fact that RSA does not have threads about shipping issues,issues of communication,or delays,etc,etc,etc.... nor a history of such on going problems,as some of the other builders do.
Very well said!
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i dont want to bring up more arguments here but ....
i cant say i've been satisfied with headamp's communication.
i sent about 5 emails regarding the pico order and questions but none was answered.
plus the pico pre-order list has not been updated for a long time. i remember reading justin's pico thread where he said he'd be doing a major update on pico orders on his website (found it. it was 4/4/08. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/4038987-post1861.html) but no news so far.
i understand that headamp is a one-man operation, and justin is very busy building amps and what not. however, that doesnt mean he should be ignoring questions and emails.
a lot of people say "you impatient sh*t! if you dont like the way he is doing business, dont buy from him".
ok, youre right. thats exactly what i did. i cancelled the pico order. i really dont mind waiting for 2-3 months for a product but i dont like being not notified and not knowing where i stand in the order process.
i am currently a happy owner of predator.
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well, from dealing with xin for the last 2 years and currently dealing with justin on the pico, i would rate customer service from 1-10, using ray samuels as a benchmark, as follows:

ray = 10
justin = 8
xin = 1

my ordering experience on the pico has been great. emailed justin about the order, he responded, and mentions that he will not take payment until my amp is built. to me i can't ask for anything more. i already know the demand of the pico and that i will be waiting 2-4 months. no big deal. just my 2 cents...
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I think in the Pico vs Predator debate the Pico wins because of its high detail and treble extension. I listened to the Predator for only about 5 minutes but I think that was enough to get a general feel for how it sounds. It is very different from the Pico in the that the upper midrange is MUCH smoother and overall the sound is warmer. But this is at the cost of frequency extension at both ends and some details/texture of the instruments are definitely lost in the Predator. I often have second thoughts about my Pico purchase because it is quite fatiguing on some recordings with my MS1, but I think the advantage in resolution and frequency response is worth it over the smooth, easy listening Predator.

I think the negative aspects of the Pico's sound can be remedied with right choice of headphones, whereas it's impossible to force the Predator to bring out extra detail. Keep in mind I'm talking about using these amps through USB only, not as standalone amps. I agree with others in the this thread that it's not worth getting the Pico without the DAC, because that's the best part of it.

Also, service is somewhat of an important factor, but if you think about it, you're living with the product, not the person who made it. If you make your decision with customer service as the first priority you may end up with a subpar product with great service.
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I had emailed Jamato8 very early in the burn-in of my Predator, that it had less detail than my iBasso P2 with a $40 USB DAC cable, sounding a little veiled. He had 600 hours on his Predator at the time and advised me to just give it more time, and he was correct. By 350 hours or so the Predator had really opened up and was quite detailed and good sounding.

To my ears the Predator didn't seem to be done with the majority of burn-in till past 800 hours, and to my ears most changes were done by 1100 hours when I sent it to Skylab for review. One of the things that happens with the Predator during burn-in is a lifting of the veil and opening up of the soundstage and details and air. It's not just an extension of the bass and power that builds over time.
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The bass on the Predator is some of the lowest and detailed that I have heard and the highs ain't so bad either, which are accompanied by excellent mid frequencies. I find in general it is a very well balanced and open amp but as stated before and by many others, it takes many hours to form the cap. For me the Predator is able to breath life into music, which is quite an accomplishment.
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m3_arun, remember what you said so we can compare next time we meet
The Predator you heard had less than 100 hours, something like 75-80. We will see what happen at 350 hours, in about a week. Your Pico has at least 600 hours of continuous play, without counting the listening time. I had it for 2 months and a half.

But so far (~160hr), the Predator is clearly inferior to the Pico to me. Though it already has a punch the Pico will never have. And the bass are more defined, but it is clearly not as extended and deep. It's getting better though! The highs are not as extended as well and the mids are not as clear. And according to people, the soundstage will not change much compared to the Pico. I'm still waiting for my Predator to change... At first, I agreed with HeadphoneAddict review, but now I more agree with ASR loaner reviews thread... Can't wait to see the final result!
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