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IEM for a HD595 lover

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I am looking for the best IEM for someone who loves the way the Sennheiser hd595 sounds.

I am currently considering:
shure se310
shure se420
ety er-4p

What is the best choice given my sound signature preferences.
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Add the Future Sonics Atrio M5/M8 to your list. I like the Sennheiser sound, and I find the Atrios to be fuller and more laid-back sounding than the typical Ety or Shure sound.

I'm basing this recommendation on my appreciation for my HD555s (I know, not quite the same thing as the HD595s), my disappointment in my Shure E3Cs (I know, not the same thing as the 310 or 420), but especially my very strong liking of my M5s. While Shure earphones are supposed to be quite good the higher up the price scale you go, the Future Sonics represent an excellent value and a very listenable, musical sound.
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