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By balanced you mean neutral? Is it smooth, fast, detailed, impactful, airy...any and all adjectives are appreciated
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Originally Posted by bjarnetv View Post
have you tried changing/removing the foam on the floats? i found that the sound and soundstage changed a lot on the pmbs with different foam configurations
Just take it off the sides? How does it come off? It appears to be glued on.
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Originally Posted by GuyMe View Post
Just take it off the sides? How does it come off? It appears to be glued on.
not the ear support, but the foam covering covering the drivers, and the foam behind the drivers (probably behind the rear covers).

as for the ergo2, im not very good at describing sound, but by balanced i mean that i feel everything from highs lows and mids are equally present; not like beyers or grados (or the pmb/sr-sigma/float electrostat for that matter) where some traits like highs or mids are dominant.
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The foam is glued on the Floats and they sound better with it, IMHO.
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All of the models I've owned sound better with the side foams in place.
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Can I join your club?

(Jecklin Float Model Twos.)
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Originally Posted by bowsjr View Post
Can I join your club?
probably the best first post ever!
welcome to headfi, and the exclusive jecklin club
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I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of ergo 2's pretty soon and need to ask a couple questions. first of all I've heard they are forgiving, but are they still detailed/resolving? How well do they scale? Would it be worth getting a keces 131 over the 151? And last what is the best amp for these? Thanks.
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K401 vs QP85

As per GuyMe's request, I compared the K401 and the QP85.

First let me state that they are very similar. It took me quite a while to figure out exactly why I like the QP85 more.

Bass is pretty much identical in both. Listening to music, I couldn't tell a difference. With test tones, I found that they both start to roll off at about 80Hz. The K401 maybe rolls off slightly faster, but it's really to close to tell the difference.

They both have a slight hump in the upper bass/lower mids.

Treble is where I find they differ. I'm not sure if the K401 has a spike or if the QP85 rolls off, but I find the K401 to be a little piercing compared to the QP85. Percussion, and especially cymbals, sound much more accurate to my ears with the QP85. Electric guitar also sounds nicer to me with the QP85.

Sound stage is surprisingly close with only a slight edge to the QP85. I expected it to be a lot better, but that is one of the strengths of the K401 as well.

Overall I found the QP85 to be a bit more engaging, mainly due to the better highs. This comparison was an interesting exercise for me because I always knew I like the QP85 better, I just didn't know why.

Someone's also asked me to compare the K401 and K601, which I'll probably do tomorrow, but I'll be posting those results in a different thread.
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Thanks a lot for the follow up Scompton. Very interesting...

I'm actually surprised the K401 was brighter than the QP85, I hadn't expected that. I find my K400 a touch too bright, so that's actually a good result.

I think that settles it for me, I will trade my model two for a QP85. Should I be offering cash too? What do QP85s go for?
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I paid $125 for an NOS QP85, only because I procrastinated and someone else bought the open box sub $100 one at the same place. I've not really seen too many for sale so I don't know what the going rate is. I gather they're more available in Europe
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I paid more than that for my float, so I think I'll go for a straight trade.
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Ergo 2 Headphones

Nice wee recent review of the Ergo 2. Good to see it get some airtime on the net.
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That's a nice review indeed, pretty spot on. I'd agree the one thing I don't think the Ergo2 really works for is organ music. It just doesn't extend quite deep enough for that.

Though, before they expend any effort on trying to correct that IMO relatively minor issue, I do wish they'd go full crash-helmet and make a closed model

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