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Sony Announced NWZ-A820 series.....finally 16GB Sony DAP's - Page 4

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VRC-NW10, did a search and it cost $180+, capable of recording video on A820, as well as video out
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I think it looks pretty cool.
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It looks pretty good to me. I kind of like the curved sides of the A818 though a bit better.
Anyone want to buy an A818??
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Nice! I do wished it had the rounded buttons(back and option) of the 818 though, those look like they might be harder to hit with big fingers- not that thats going to stop me from buying it anyways I also hope they use the same cirrus logic chipset.
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looks like the walkman division cooperation with the cellphone division has finaly paid off for the dedicated dap, it looks good, still has that damn WM-Port, but sony will be sony, if it syncs and can be loaded trough bluetooth, then i can live with it, but if the BT is for audio streaming only, i dont feel like paying 35 bucks for a new cable if it breaks,
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Sexiest looking DAP yet. I really like the form factor for this, looks like a child born with the perfect genetics between the ^10 and A810 family.

Looks to be more of a successor of the S610 rather than a direct successor to the A810 family (design wise) however, but it doesn't matter since both those DAPs look sexy anyway X3~~~

So in line to get one...

Does anyone want a Cowon D2? <_<;
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I can't find where I read the prices ,but the dock is $180.

The 8gb version is supposed to sell for $260!

The 16gb is supposed to sell for a ridulous $350!!!

Sony better rethink the prices. The 81X is priced far more competitively.
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taking in to account creative has lowered the 32gb zen to 350, and samsung is gonna realease a 16gb P2 for 250-300 also for end of Q1 or start of Q2, the 350 price tag might be hard to push,
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The 16GB A919 (looks very similar to the A820s) is about ¥35000, which is around $328. I think they're the same feature-wise, minus some features. I know that the A919 has that 1seg/ワンセグ TV broadcasting thing, so that can probably bring the price down a bit assuming it does not appear in the A820s.

...now I'm in a dilemma: wait for the A820s and return the A818 that's coming my way, or enjoy the A818s for now.
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I don't like the border on the screen, wish they could have made the body width smaller.

I like the A818 controls, maybe because I'm right handed
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If its priced too high I'll go with a A818 myself.
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Beautiful player....To bad there wasn't an 80gb hard drive stuck in there...and the ability to play lossless....and the ability to have a line-out without a dock...Then I would most certainly buy one.....Oh well I can always dream...
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assuming form the site and the earphones on the pictures (MDR-NC022) one could assume it has noisecancelling built in...

Is this a standard feature or just in some models, or worse, Japan only?

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Check this video out

YouTube - Review Sony Walkman NWZ-A820 by generationmp3.com

i don't think this will be coming to canada anytime soon so good for me since I just bought A816 not too long ago and I like it
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Thanks kite7 for letting us know about the video.
A820 looks quite nice but I think I will stick with my A818 for a while.
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