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LOL, You're welcome!

Only one way to find out, and that's to roll it in...

I may have to start a hunt for some Tele's as well. Wild how they all work in synergy.
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Tung-Sol black glass

No bids yet on this tube. Auction expires in 4 hours.
CBS 6SL7GT Tube 1955 - eBay (item 280381443328 end time Aug-09-09 21:37:59 PDT)
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Originally Posted by jeffreyj900 View Post
I gotta open my up at some point as well.... The Eddie Current logo is upside down, and the logo had a little ding on it. Craig sent me a new one to put on. I just haven't gotten around to it. I hope it isn't hard to do. I am going to take lots of pictures once I do it.

I notice you have the chicken knobs on yours. I bought the dress kit, but never put it on My ZD is #65.
Go ahead and open it up - it's a piece of cake. No worries unless you're a complete klutz. circa 1948 Buick assembly technology (and that's a (very) good thing). Everything's hand-wired, there're no ICs, you don't need to ground yourself against static discharge, and there's plenty of room for everything. You'll be fine. Call Craig first if you have any concerns at all or feel that you may have high klutz potential. Disassembly pix have been posted but just ask if you run into problems (very unlikely).

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So, who is going to be the first to try one of the new Sophia Electric 6SL7 tubes in the Zana?
It appears they really exist, although they have only the 6SN7 pictured on their page.

Pictured alongside the Sophia Princess 274B:

Photo taken from El_Doug's post from the WooAudio WES thread. He says "preliminarily, these 6SL7's are on par with the Mullard brown-base ECC35's".

These are the prices (taken from here):
Grade A (top 10%): $100 per unit with 30 days warranty, $18 extra for one year warranty.
Grade B (top 25%): $80 per unit with 30 days warranty, $18 extra for one year warranty.
Grade C : $59.99 per unit with 30 days warranty, $18 extra for one year warranty.

Pretty steep for new production tubes...
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This has been mentioned several times, but I have not seen an actual answer. Can this Tube Adapter be used in the Zana?
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There isn't enough information about the adapter to answer the question. The 12AX7/12AU7 are 12V tubes. If the adapter is just changing the pin-out, and not somehow stepping down the voltage, then this is a problem. But I can't see how the adapter could be stepping down the voltage.

But why would anyone want to do this? 6SL7's are cheaper than 12AX7's, and about the same as 12AU7. And IMHO, the 6SL7 is a better sounding tube, overall, than the 12AU7 for sure. And there are many, many 6SL7 variants to try...
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Yeah, I'm wondering if they run at half power or something... I have a bunch of old Mullard RCA,and Telefunken 12AX7's I'd try if this was a viable option. Anyone know?
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Check out this weird looking tube.

I emailed after the auction and bought it, I'm wondering what it's going to sound like. It almost seems to have a little bit of coke bottle to it, see how it kinda flares out at the base?
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Actually that is a pretty looking tube, at least it is different!
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Those are the "coin base" tubes - very late production RCA tubes - among the last tubes they made. They made 6SN7's, 6SL7's, and 6BL7's that looked like that.
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Thanks for that!! Any idea how it's going to sound in the Zana? Did their quality decline badly that late in the game, or are they good tubes? IE are they any better than my stock Russian Tung-Sol?
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Just picked up some mullard ecc35 short brown base tubes in the fs forum. Been wanting to try for a while.
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Get out the Visa Card!

Earlier posts by one of our European ZD owners described the fabulous sound of the rarely for sale Standard Radio 6SL7T ( a Sweedish RCA license tube). I have finally found a source -natube.com. The price $199.99-ouch!
This Viet Nam tube seller does have one good report at Audio Asylum-so maybe ok. He also has some of the 1957 Valvo 6SL7GT tubes that I like for a reasonable price of $49.99 each. Lastly he has a metal based Sylvania 6SL7GT for you Metallica fans.
Good listening.
David Pritchard
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Vietnam seller

Someone had already posted that they had tried to communicate with this seller without any response. Good luck! I had looked at those two tubes myself but ouch! The prices.
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I just won an older RCA NOS red base 6SL7/5691 on ebay, I'm stoked! Apparently they're a good sounding representation of the 'American' tube sound. Now if I could just get my hands on a nice 'European' sounding Brimar.
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