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Anything similar to Keiko Matsui's music?

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I was wondering if people could suggest some CDs/artists that are along the lines of Keiko Matsui. She falls under jazz, but when I was at the jazz listening booths, what I think is the typical jazz just sounded a tad too boring to me. Keiko/Kazo Matsui though manage to mix in what I could only call an Oriental feel to the music that just makes the music much more lively and relaxing. Sort of like background music ya know?

Anyways, was looking to expand my horizon in this area a bit since I'm totally digging Keiko Matsui's works, and there's gotta be artists out there similar to her. I mostly listen to this stuff while pounding out papers, really helps out since it's nonintrusive and flowy.
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Some suggestions.

I am a huge Keiko Matsui fan. Her specific style is pretty unique, but it falls dead center in my favorite jazz style. I would call it fusion, but other labels may have evolved.

Another piano artist that great (but without the oriental flavor) is Dan Siegel. One of my top 5 favorites for 20 years. He still releases a new CD every couple of years, and they are all unique.

A very good starting point is a CD called "GRP Live in Session". It features very well recorded live tracks by several of the GRP artists, including a killer vocal by Dianne Schuur. Still gives me chills on a good system. Also a good test CD for equipment evaluation.

For some great guitar fusion check out Acoustic Alchemy.

I could make about 20 more suggestions, but I may be getting off track from what you are looking for. Find the GRP Live CD first and see if we are on the same channel.
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