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Your attitude that cables and balancing don't make a substantial difference seems to be based on nothing, Have you even heard an apache(or something like that) with high end source and 650's? no? I didn't think so. Good cables and high end source/amp that are balanced make a HUGE difference, it's not a load of crap, it's real. It's unfortunate that you are so closed minded to make claims when you haven't even heard anything remotely decent to drive your 650's.

Your amp and source are cheap, it's not enough to drive high end headphones. It's like pairing $10 000 speakers with a $200 reciever.

My rant, is not saying that these are the headphones for you, just pointing out the flaws in your thinking.
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I still do not think the K340 is what the OP is looking for. Its sonic signature is just not what he has in mind. I still think the DT-880 is the closest match (the HD-600 does not have as good a clarity IMO). If bass weight is an issue however, the Senn would be my next recommendation but OP should be wary whether he simply dislikes the HD-650 or rather the Senn house sound in general.

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Try a fast source. With my Cyrus cd8se they are FAST but still with body, weight and punch to the sound. Thanks Cyrus!
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My HD650s are not in the slightest way slow compared to my Grados. They just have a heavier "weight" to them which I actually kind of like.
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Buy the SP MPX3 in the for sale section. that will fix your problem
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Okay...I agree with the OP. Senn's, in general are slower, veiled, darker than some other cans. I have owned HD580 (sold), own HF-1, SR-125 (flat pads), Headphile K-340,
DT-250/80. I have a highly modded Headamp V2/SE. This amp drives the K-340's just fine, thank you! I think the Senn house sound is in all likelihood not pleasing to HIM. If you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. (no intent to flame, some folks DO think that Senns are boring). I think that the RS-2 would be worth a look. Not as bright as SR-325i, not as much $$$ as RS-1.
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Not slow. Not veiled.
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You do realize this thread is more than a year old?
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I can say HD650s are the fastest headphones I have heard so far. The detail on Psy-Trance and classical on these are unsurpassed in my listening experience so far.

I don't know what other proof one needs to know about the speed of these headphones. The response in detail, clarity is precise and quick, you can't ask for more speed.

In terms of design, their voice coil is created for speed, very light aluminum. Faster than copper plated voice coils which is what the majority of headphones are made with.

Even if it's more than a year old, I'd like new Head-Fiers interested in the HD650 to know that they are not slow, far from it. Also there is absolutely no veil on my HD650 STOCK.
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Hey thanks for making this thread very educational!
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Very good info, thank you for sharing!    (:

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