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Dolby Digital vs DTS

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Hi Guys,

For a bit of a change last night, I played a couple of DVD movies with the DTS sountrack enabled rather than the default Dolby Digital. It wasn't a serious study as such, more of a jolly.

Now, i'm not the biggest HT fan around but I definitely feel that the DTS playback enhances the sound somewhat. The soundstage and overall positioning of sound seemed more precise and there was a distinct increase in dynamics and LFE energy.

Am I imagining this?

Setup was a Philips DVDR880 and Acoustic Energy Aego P5 Surround kit.

Movies were Goldmember and American Pie 1/2

Sound As Ever
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Nope, you're not crazy. I'm of the same opinion that DTS throws better sound, details, and soundstaging. Any chance I have to choose DTS over DD is done. Every single time. My cheapo Yamaha receiver can make the difference known, so I would imagine anything better sounding would make the differences even more exaggerated. Dinosaurs is one movie that I know has DTS, and the sound effects when the T-Rex is running from off screen is heard MUCH better in the surrounds using the DTS mode. DD makes it harder to hear things coming thru the surrounds.
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DTS is less compressed than DD, so that might be making the difference
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I generally prefer the DTS tracks as well when they are included. I find the musical scores sound a bit more alive in general.

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One more vote for DTS. When I've done the occasional comparison, it seems the DTS is quite often better and I have never heard it sound worse on the dozen or so I have listened to.
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As mentioned, DTS is higher-resolution that DD. I always opt for the DTS track when it's available.
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DTS is slightly less compressed than DD -- but realisticly not enough for you to notice. The big difference is the complete re-mastering of the soundtrack. It makes direct comparison very difficult as far as sound quality goes. I will agree that I prefer the DTS soundtracks in most instances.
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I'm another one that agrees with you about DTS.
I buy DVD's in the DTS version when possible.
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im for DTS over DD every time too.
at times i buy/rent dvd just for it being on DTS. (yeah... bad!)

try 'resident evil' on DTS!
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DTS is deinfately the way to go. Gladiator DTS opening battle and the battle of carthage are simply phenomenal.

I remember reading something a while back that said DTS is by far better, but that DD had the marketing to make it the default surround format for DVDs and hardware.
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If you are like I am and own a damn fine subwoofer you know all about that little .1 of 2 formats. Many people agree that dts is lacking in that aspect. I noticed it on a few movies as well. Other than that I generally like DTS better though. It could be all mental.. I do know (i rip a lot of dvd's) that the audio tracks of dts files in comparison to DD files are about 35% bigger. One time the DTS track was nearly twice as big as the dolby track...

BTW!! - For the best subwoofers (By far, i tested quite a few), go to www.svsubwoofers.com. Totally amazing what a good sub will do to any system.
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Well, I watched a few more discs over the past week and can definitely say that i'll be listening in DTS whenever possible.

The difference is definitely there for all to hear. Even my old man who usually doesn't discern such differences noticed it so it must be true

My setup is quite minimal and is only very basic and I suspect that as one goes deeper into HT and gets better equipment the quality gap between the two formats would widen even further.

Sound As Ever
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DTS also has lower bass extension than the DD tracks.
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You are right about what hearing regarding the differences between Dolby Digital and DTS.

I myself prefer the sound of DTS over DD, sounds more
dynamic and louder. All aspects to me are an improvement
over the DD format.

On the technical side, DTS has a higher sampling rate, and
wider bandwith capabilities.
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However, it’s unfortunate that we’re not seeing full bit-rate DTS tracks anymore even on Superbit releases. The original Region 1, DTS version releases of Dances with Wolves, 12 Monkeys, Antz, Apollo 13, Born on the 4th of July, Dante’s Peak, Daylight, Dragonheart, ED tv, Galaxy Quest, Interview with the Vampire, Mercury Rising, Mouse Hunt, and a handful of others have the full 1509 kb/s bit rate as also found on DTS Laserdiscs.

Most releases are of the 754 kb/s variety; and while still good and better than the corresponding DD track, pale in comparison to a full bit-rate track.

Keep in mind that if a movie has a DTS release and a DD release as separate discs, then the DD track included on the DTS release is a low bit-rate 2.0 track included to conform with the DVD specification and is not the same as the DD 5.1 discrete track on the DD release.
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