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Controlling digital pot without microprocessor

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I found this app note on the maxim-ic site. http://dbserv.maxim-ic.com/appnotes....ote_number=606 Would this work for something like the Burr-Brown PGA2310 that was mentioned in the other thread? If so, then the input voltage could be +- 12V while still using zero-crossing detection.
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No, the scheme shown will only work with the MAX5160 because it has Increment and Up/Down inputs, while the PGA has a synchronous serial interface that could be done in hardware with more effort.
The DS1802 mentioned in the other thread would work without a micro. But I don't know if either of these have zero-crossing detect like the PGA2310 does (I doubt it). Also, both the MAX5160 and DS1802 are limited to a +5V supply; the PGA has separate analog and digital supplies.
I believe somebody who had tried the DS1802 had trouble with its voltage swing.
Another big difference to me is that Burr-Brown and Analog Devices have done more audio-grade parts than Maxim and Dallas Semiconductor, so I trust them more.
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Yeah, the DS1802 does have zero-crossing detect, but it does clip with a standard line-out input. I couldn't figure out how the circuit they showed generated a serial interface. I would like to use the Burr-Brown part, but I don't know anything about programming micros and would like an easier way to use them. Does anybody make a plug and play circuit that could interface with the serially controlled digital pots?
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I'm afraid I've been two-timing a bit, my post on the PGA2310 came from the diyaudio site, where there's a new thread on the topic. I posted something here because I remembered there had been some discussion on it.
I'm thinking of building something like that, but I won't get to it for a bit. If you're not in a rush, we might be able to work something out (I noticed we're from the same country, at least).

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Well, I'm not planning to build anything until this summer, when I will be out of university. I may be getting a summer job in Alberta in the oil industry.
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Wouldn't circuit I designed for controlling DAC volume in another thread do what you want? It's a serial interface... But it has tons of parts and is not tested yet .
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