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Edge Acoustics is the gaming division of Etymotic Resarch, so they are good.

ER-4p or ER-6i, if you are going to just use your IEM for gaming, go with the 6i because they are very close to 4p but much cheaper.
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hehehe matias awesome picture there i can almost imagine u screaming lol!
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Isolation an fidelity in the 6i's isn't close to what you get with the 4p's or the GX400's and they also don't have a mic, volume control, or long enough cable for many gamers.
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According to Ety the response accuracy difference between 6i and 4p is only 5%. Is that 5% worth $100 more? That's up to you.
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I will say that using a small amp with the ety series makes them very useable for gaming because they bloom with good amping.
The stereo separation and detail make it very easy to track someone down. I admit that when I get frustrated with school work I will jump into a map or two of an FPS an pwn some people. Occasionally, I see my dad playing (two years in his gaming clan of old guys and he is still a private - he isn't very all).

If bass is important to you in games, just use your eq. For me, I prefer my k400's most of the time because of positioning and realism. Sometimes I grab the ES7's because they are just so very involving! Other times, I want to hear everything and that is when you get the IEM's out.
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Haha germania (btw, you have 666 posts ), I love the added emphasis to how bad your dad is at games. What game does he play? Also, this is my first time hearing of EDGE Acoustics, too. There's just something about having a mic close to my face that makes me want to nibble it...ugh, idk.
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Originally Posted by FrederikS|TPU View Post
E.D.G.E GX400!
E.D.G.E. Acoustics
Judging by the specs it is a ER-4P with a microphone and a different barrel.
really cool site, will have to look into these.
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