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Which "Pet Sounds"

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Any recommendations for the best CD mastering of the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". A major hole in my collection which I've felt guilty about for some time.
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I'm no Beach Boys expert, but here's what I know.

I've heard both the 1990 CD that contained only a mono version of the album and the more recent 1999 CD that contains both the original mono version and a more recent stereo version. Brian Wilson was, I believe, deaf in one ear so wasn't really able to judge stereo recordings and so mixed it mono. I believe both CDs contain a track or two not present on the orignal album, but I'm not positive.

I think the 1999 version sounds better, but a couple of times I've had CD players not want to read it (maybe because it is so long--just a shade under 80 minutes?). I also know there is a 4 CD box set covering the pet sounds album (the 1999 CD has the same mastering as the set I believe), but I"ve never heard it.

I hope this helps.
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I have the version that has the mono set first, then the stereo version. I skip straight to the stereo version which sounds pretty good for a recording of that era. Great music whether it's mono, stereo, whatever!

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Thanks. I hope I can find that mono/stereo disc. That sounds very cool. And the four disc set sounds very intriguing. Thanks guys.
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