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United States Merchant Marine Ship's Officer (Engineer)

(For Tuberoller): Run and maintained big diesels...Six stories tall, 7 or 9 cylinders, 22,000 to 31,000 horsepower. Four valves per cylinder, each one over eight feet tall. Three Turbochargers, each the size of a VW bug. I could stand in the cylinder, on top of the piston, and not touch anything but with my shoes. Total rev range 0-112 rpm.

Then worked on container cranes, lil bitty things, with one or two locomotive motors (400 horsepower each) to lift cargo containers on and off ships, one every thirty seconds. I had seven cranes to run.

Now retired, I am only just now settling into being a full-time pain in the butt for my wonderful wife.
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Software / Systems Engineer. My specialty seems to have become systems in which the system performance is determined by an intimate interaction of the code and the data. In such systems, the data tends to become tokenized code, and in order to understand the behavior of the system, both the code and the data must be understood together. I love working on these kinds of systems. In answer to the question, which came first, the personal traits or the career path: in my case, the personal traits - the career path definitely grew from those.
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i designed 2 webpages for some stupid retards 13 yr old counter-strike clans if that counts. they paid me $60 to do it back in 8th grade. basically forgot all my webpage skill.

anyway, i'm about to start work at a tutor place ($7-9/hr), but a 4.0 GPA is mandatory. hehe i lied to the interviewer by editing my report card print-out. there's no way i have all A's.

if anybody lives in california, try working at clubsport (a gym-like place with tennis courts, pools, workout area, racketball, etc for those who don't live in the US) over the summer. nice easy job sitting at the front stand checking for clubsport id's.
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Unemployed since I graduated with a Comp. Sci. degree almost a year ago. I've worked on and off part time but nothing real yet. I have an offer but, due to the nature of the job, it'll be a couple more months at least till I get the final ok and can start working. Kinda sucks because at least if I knew I had a job locked up, I'd be fully enjoying my last free months.
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High school Mathematics teacher and football coach. The American varity of football not that Communist Kickball that gets played in the rest of the world.

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Originally Posted by AdamP88
I get paid too little to do too much, AKA retail.

I am in the same boat.. IT Sales, Alot of work little pay

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I suspect that I'm the only Consulting Archaeologist on Head-Fi.

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I think I'm actually one of the few people actually planning to go into audio engineering as a profession. Just finishing my first year of grad school.
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Photo Retouching & graphics work by day, Design and Illustration Consulting by night. Sleep, sometimes.

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Student at Purdue University, major in Computer Science. Almost done, only two more weeks until I'm officially unemployed

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Getting PhD in Mechanical Engineering.
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I've recently (October '03) retired from private banking, and now have more time for the beach and my headphones!

I teach a private CPA review course here in the Cayman Islands, where students learn how to pass the exam! I also teach most of the accounting and law courses offered at a local college where I serve as a trustee. I'm a co-author of an accounting textbook, and the managing director of an online university that offers MBA and PhD degrees in business. I also serve as a director of a publicly traded company in the gold market.
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Pathologists' Assistant (Anatomic Pathology) with a little histotechnology work on the side.
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Full time student majoring in Electrical Engineering Pre-Med and part time cashier at our local "fast food place"...
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