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What do you guys do (JOB)??

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just curious .
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I use and abuse computers. I have fun doing it. I call it my job.. or something.
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Re: What do you guys do (JOB)??

Originally posted by screwdriver
just curious .
What do you do for a job?
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im a physical therapist.
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Missionary, teacher, and eternal student in Quito, Ecuador.
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(High school student, but doesn't account for anything...)
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I sell overpriced, low quality mass marketed CRAP at everyones favorite neighborhood electronics store: RadioShack. Our mission is to "Demistify technology in ever neighborhood in america". My mission is to get the stupid people out of the store as soon as possible. It's not a bad job thought.
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I get paid too little to do too much, AKA retail.
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I've tried to get a job around Southern California, but it's impossible. *sigh* I should just sell drugs like everyone else.
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Uni Student (majoring in Actuarial/Finance)
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receiving/disposal coordinator
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"network operations technician" at Sprint NOC, midnight shift. Basically I poke around our domestic DWDM equipment and make tickets on stuff that needs to be fixed. The only reactive stuff we do is like Fiber cuts, circuit outage, etc... pfffft office politics blow..

whats really cool is I don't even have a college degree hehe... got in '99 during the boom years
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Toxicologist, faculty member, pharmacist.

I LOVE my job!!!

Run a poison center (saving lives, saving dollars, it's all good!), get to teach in a variety of settings, get to do some research, get to talk with the media and legislators, get to work with great folks.

When people tell you to find something that you love to do, then go find a way to make a living at it, they are absolutely CORRECT! No substitute for enjoying your work.

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Patent Agent.

Can't really say that I share the same enthusiasm for my job as the guy above.
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