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Portable VCap and Airline Security?

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Going on a domestic flight in the next couple of weeks and I was wondering if anyone has carried their portable vcap on a plane? Just wondering if it would arouse suspicion at the security check point due to its looks or if it is not an issue.

Anyone actually brought one on a plane?
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no but consider the education/sophistication level of these clowns, might not be a good idea.
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I did, no problem
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Originally Posted by FreeBlues View Post
I did, no problem
phew, any others?
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I carried the portable v-cap on a plane several times. I didn't see any issues with it.
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If they ask about it, volunteer to plug it in (if they haven't tasered you already) with the rest of your rig, and let them listen.
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it shouldn't cause a problem. The voltage in your vcap should not cause that much explosion. Actually the battery in your laptop will cause some damage. Just some food for thought. but of course tsa does not look into that
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I travel with my rig a couple times a month and all over the world; I've never had a problem. I don't have the VCAP but with iPods, docks, amps, etc all strapped together, it can't look any stranger. No one has ever batted an eye.
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To be in secure, the better is to use the femal imod dock plug.
I don't take the risk that they keep my Vcaps.
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I carried imod with Alo cable in small portable bag, and some people on the street suspecting me carried a hand bomb...
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Originally Posted by Capunk View Post
I carried imod with Alo cable in small portable bag, and some people on the street suspecting me carried a hand bomb...
lol what a funny experienced
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Yes, people have right.
It's a Bomb, but a Bomb of Sound !
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Just flew with mine for the first time. Got pulled out of line and my stuff inspected...not sure if it was my iMod/Portable Vcap/Diablo set up that triggered anything...but the guy going through my stuff was amazed by it!

In the was all good and I was on my merry way.

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I've traveled with my portable rig many times. iMod+portable vCap+Tomahawk, all velcro'd together with two ALO cables making two connections. You simply couldn't design a portable rig that looks MORE like a bomb. I always laugh when it goes straight through security. I was pulled out of line one time (out of let's say 5 to 10 trips through security)...the guy inspected my rig and then asked me a couple questions about what player he should buy for his relative. They're not going to confiscate worries.

But an 8 ounce water bottle, now that's dangerous!
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