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IEM selection

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I am looking to pick up another set of IEMs to work with an ipod Touch/5.5G/2G Nano as a source and a Hornet (on the way), Headroom Premium, or Airhead. Right now I have an older set of ER4S with rubber ear tips. They are going to be moved around a lot at work.

The FS M5/M8, UE Triple Fi 10 pro and Shure 530 are on my list. There are no dealers here that I can audition any of these. My budget is around 350.00.

My music- Pink Floyd, jazz, New Order, Rush, Hawaiian, female vocals and 80s.

Thanks for your help.
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The FS IEMs produce beautiful female vocals and are said to be great for rock music. They produce strings very elegantly; you just have to listen to know what I mean! IMO they look totally awesome!
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Anyone else with suggestions?
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the SE530's will likely produce too much hiss on the touch - they do for me on the iphone.
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