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How to disassemble DT770?

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I just bought a used pair of DT770/80s off another forum member for cheap and it has a small rattle effect on bass heavy songs. I had no luck with the search function, but I was wondering if anyone can link me a place or pdf file that explains how to take the DT770 apart. I just want to clean the inside of it with an air can/light tweezer picking as the rattle could be from hair touching the driver, etc.

Thanx ahead of time.
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Well if its just on the face of the driver, then all you need to do is pull the earpads off (grabe the black vinyl part and tug on it lightly but firmly and then it'll slide of really easily). Take a flat head screwdriver (or similar utensil) and pop the plastic rings that hold the foam (and driver) in place. Remove the foam (its re-useable), and then you're at the face of the driver (the middle part is the driver, its not the whole part that you see). If you need to get to the back, all you need to do is flip the cup over and the driver should fall out (might take a light smack on the back of the cup to get it loose).

It sounds complicated, but it really is not at all, and you'll see that when you do it yourself. The only thing you need to be careful with is if you remove the driver, don't let it just drop as it will put strain on the wiring (which ended up breaking on mine). You don't have to be super-careful as its all pretty tough, but just a heads up on that.

I also would recommend doing the blu-tak mod on them. Made them so much better to my ears, its simple and cheap, and also reversible.
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These are instructions for the DT990, but I think they are very, very similar(if not exactly the same) to the DT770.


Hope that helps somewhat.
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Thanks alot, I have some questions though. I took out the black foam and there is a big white filter that is attached to the driver. The middle above the driver holes is exposed and it has another smaller white filter there and this one has a hole in it. Is there a way to seperate the big white filter from the driver so I could replace this smaller middle white filter? Also would this be the cause of the rattle I hear in heavy bass songs?

Also, I have no idea what mods there are for these phones, and was wondering if you can provide explanations or links to these mods, such as the blu-tak mod.

Appreciate the help and the responses.
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I know what you're talking about, but I don't think it has any impact on the sound. I don't know what might be causing the rattle though.

For the blu-tak mod you'll need plasti-tak (it has many different names, blu, plasti, sticky, ticky, but its just that putty like stuff you can use to hang posters on the wall) and some cotton balls.

On the back of the driver is a plastic ring surrounded by a ring of cotton. Its up to you if you want to remove the plastic, I didn't find it made much of a difference in the sound and its nice for keeping the cotton away from the back. Now take some cotton balls and pull them apart (more like stretch them out so they aren't really dense). Take some of the stretched cotton and put it on the back of the driver (well the paper outer part). Leaving the plastic rings in helps keep the cotton in place as well (although it should stick to the white paper part and stay put as well).

Now, you want to take the tak and spread it on the bowl. I filled in the little canyon and spread it around and tried to get a nice round shape. I don't know how much the amount you put affects things, I would try to get something not real thin but I wouldn't go overboard either. There's also 2 holes on the outside of the cups that you can block that will change the sound (plugging them will lessen the bass, unplugging gets more bass). Its a nice easy way to adjust the sound (without having to open up the cans to adjust the cotton and/or tack).
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Once again darkswordsman17 provides the explanation and I provide a relevant link to his explanation... LOL

Here ya go: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/bey...11/index2.html

Anyway, I do think its a hair that causes that annoying sound you're hearing. Check the black foam, the hair could be stuck there and cause the same problem.

Oh, and you're welcome.
I hope you get the problem sorted out, I know how that rattling sounds like and its annoying as hell...
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The driver is mounted and siliconed onto the driver housing you see which is faced with thin fibrous white paper. If you really want to get at the actual driver's cone, you need to scrape off the silicon and gently pry out the driver. After you are done, pop the driver back in and add a bit of silicon where the plastic prongs hold the driver and you should be good to go.
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Hi all,
Sorry to dig up an old thread but I badly wanted to say thanks for the advice and guidance posted above.

For some time I've had an annoying bass rattle from one of the drivers of my DT990s. I was convinced I'd damaged or blown it and would be in the market for new cans. But thought I might as well disassemble and have a look, and found the above instructions for the 770s applicable and helpful.

After hacking away the silicon and removing the driver, I found two very fine hairs sticking out of the driver surface. The ends were literally embedded into it, almost like they were growing from it. I gently pulled them out. Can scarcely believe it - no more rattle! My stereo harmony is restored!

So I joined this forum to say thanks, and to reiterate the message in the hope it may benefit someone else. Despite all the filters and seals, hairs get in there, so if your Beyers are sounding ropey, they may just need a pluck.

Thanks all.
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I just wanted to say MANY thanks for this great thread. Aaaaaaah, great relief. No more annoying bass rattle...! Two small hairs were the culprits indeed, making my DT770 Pros rattle like crazy.

Thanks again!
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Sorry to necro this thread, but I just wanted to chime in to say a huge "Thank you!" to all the posters involved with this guide.


I, too, had a terribly annoying bass rattle in my left driver, and after following the instructions listed in the thread (although with my DT770/80's, the only thing was after getting the silicone off I had to wrestle with removing the driver, there were 3 sort of hidden "clips" that required some creative pulling right next to where the silicone attachments were) I was able to access the driver and pull the hair that had embedded itself in the driver out.


After all was said and done it worked more or less as perfectly as it did when I got them after allowing the replacement silicone to dry and cure. =)


Thank you! After the heart attacks that it took to do this procedure when unskilled however, I'm just glad this has never happened to my K701's... hooo-ah!


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I am very interested in trying this too, since I want to paint my DT770's cup


Is there any tips and trick I need to know so I dun end up destroying the DT770? 

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thanks alot for the guide !


in the dt770 there is some kind of cotton ring, going around some plastic on the driver, I thought removing it would fix the rattling bass, which it seems like it did. What purpose does the cotton ring serve?

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Spooky; I don't know what purpose the cotton ring serve, but probably some dampening? What I do know is that removing the metal pins that held it together fixed my rattle. It looked kind of cheap and badly done, so I removed them and sew the ends together instead. Worked like a charm for me.

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THANK YOU very much:)


I had this distortion at certain low frequencies on my DT770 Pro and I just assumed that its because it was nearing its end of life (Ive owned them for almost 5 years).


You just saved me so much time and money looking for new headphones.

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