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Originally Posted by Riordan View Post

the op's transcript strongly reminds me of kafka, and almost makes me sick. it rings true to me - if it isn't, i'd like to buy op's books.

some reactions to that transcript - combined with posts in the recent 'don't go to dubai' story - make me wonder how far some people would go in defending "rules" and laws, and the behavior of those enforcing them. look at the country i come from, and its history, and draw your own conclusions: kafka saw what was there and had an inkling of where it would go.

very ugly things start that way, and people of a certain mindset help develop it.


Excellent points- I also find the OP's story quite believable. I find it somewhat concerning (some years ago it would have been amusing...) that citizens in the uSA find excuses for and repair support for those supposedly civil servants acting as the Federal government's agents. As our once great republic slides ever closer to the despotic authoritarian dystopia which will obliterate liberty (not only for the Americans, but indeed the world for decades to centuries), sycophants for the government and their agents nurture the development of corruption and evil within the ranks of our state. Our servants and governors become our Masters and Rulers.


Crazy talk? Think of an airport 15 years ago. Now today. The idea that 20 years ago you could not be wire tapped or tracked without a warrant. Today the data on all of us is stored until it may be convenient to use against you at any point in the future. Two decades ago a police officer intentionally inflicting pain on someone not a threat to him or others was torture. Today it is renamed "Pain Compliance". Checkpoints along the highways, TSA at sporting events, classroom surveillance, psychological techniques to influence the populace through propaganda... 


I believe if we all had fought the small battles as the OP is doing, so many fewer of us would have to perish in the very real, painfully tragic war looming ahead that so many people refuse to acknowledge. Evil does flourish as good men say nothing. It absolutely runs unchecked with support of an either ignorant or complicit populace.


To the original poster:

When any one of is is subject to any degree of tyranny, no matter how petty, submission will slowly and inexorably lead to subjugation of us all. Your just fight is not only yours but is for us all. It is for a very small part of what remains of the last few shards of liberty. You, sir, have my full support and earned respect. Keep fighting the good fight. 

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Commenting on a thread from 5 years ago?


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Yup- looks like just me... oh, and you!:beyersmile:

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What a story..from 5 years before...
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two USPS employees acted in an incredibly unprofessional and unnecessary manner to me. At approximately 7:00 PM CT, I checked the mail room in my apartment building. Two women were in the room putting mail away. Since I was on my way out, I asked them politely if I could retrieve my mail from my mail box. They immediately began acting very aggressive and condescending towards me, and refused to let me get my mail. I then asked them politely if I could have their first names for reference on my official complaint and they refused


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I had my share with USPS making me pay custom fee for an item that is over 4 times the costs of the item itself, so irritated!

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the op must be in a streeterville hi-rise. the authorities have nothing better to do there lol. that is why I moved far away from the city to a farm. we do not even have a post office here! that solves that problem haha.

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