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Ray is one of the best in the business. Excellent products, service, and attitude.

Now, if he would only build a high powered tube amp for a speaker set-up!
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My experience was Ray was absolutely stellar. For a while there, I was bothering him with questions almost every day, and he answered each and every one patiently and thoroughly. The guy is a true class act, and I couldn’t recommend highly enough.
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I only wish that everyone else I delt with in business was as easy and had the quality of service that Ray does. Good customer service is hard to come by these days and Ray goes out of his way to make every customer feel as they are his number one concern.
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Indeed, I too have worn him out over the phone from this to that and he makes one feel just as important about their Toma and if you had his B-52. An asset to the hobby and Head-Fi 4 sure.
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Ray is GREAT, and i'm very please with the Hornet.
Each time i need an information, he is there.
A real pleasure to deal with him, and knowing than if there is a product problem, he 'll be there for the answer it's very secure and worth more than the value.

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Ray is a great!  While I was researching on portable amps, I called one US maker and the reception on the phone was like he just woke up one question, one boring answer. I said "forget about it" I called up Ray. He answered my questions and went out of his way to explain more. I am now enjoying my SR71A.  Thanks Ray.

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For those of you who tie Ray up for hours on the phone, please consider those of us who would actually like him to be BUILDING OUR AMPS.  I think its great that we have people who can do both, a marked contrast to *some* amp builders, but there are only so many hours in a day.

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Unlike some who can't walk and chew gum, Ray can talk and solder at the same time. :^)  He is one guy that puts his heart into his work and it shows. 

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Good to see this thread still going, Ray has great customer service.

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Interesting reading,why does he never answer emails(okay, when he does he's not overly helpful).

Last question concerned the use of the many variants of the 12AU7-he simply referred me to Head-fi and try as I may,I've never read anything on Head-Fi that answers the question!!

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I have not emailed Ray but everytime I call, Ray answers the phone.redface.gif
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Let's keep this thread going.....


Fully agree -- Ray Samuels' customer rapport is superb and unmatched in hi-fi.


Let me tell you a story. One afternoon in fall 2013, after sending my Blackbird 71B amp to Ray for updating, I decided to phone Mr. Samuels, to ask how things were going. Curiosity. Knowing that he works out of his home, I was reluctant to call. I finally gave in and dialed his number, which is posted on his website. His phone rang a few times, and I figured he wasn't in, so I hung up, not waiting for his answering service. No more than a minute later, my own phone rang, here in Canada. It was Mr. Samuels. He called me back, after seeing my number on his caller ID display! I jokingly remarked to him, "Caller ID really does work, after all". I have never met Mr. Samuels. Nonetheless, he was quick to respond, and answered all my questions cheerfully. That's what I call top-notch service by a gentleman and master amp designer. (His update of my 71B was done gratis: it gave my amp better clarity and dynamics, smoother FR).


The Ray page, on my audio website:


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Ray makes nice amps and he's also a handsome guy.
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Originally Posted by Spareribs View Post

...and he's also a handsome guy.

Maybe, but he looks even better while modeling an RSA amp :)

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