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at the time. I was bi amping the sbls with the naxo,hicap & 2-250s ,I owned the 82 pre amp.I also borrowed a 52. & it came down to either owning the 52 or going bi-amped,I felt that the 52 was a better move for me & went back to the single 250.(still have the second 250 sitting around unused). Auditioned the Harbeths over a year ago ,picked up a pair of second gen compact 7s & really liked them,listened to the 3rd gen compact 7s @ the local harbeth dealer(david michael audio) & the difference in sound quality was worth upgrading to the 3rd gen...................all was well ,untill I had the opportunity the bring home the 5's for a weekend,a lot of money for the speaker ,BUT well worth it (sold a full carbon kestrel bicycle to help finance the up grade) NOTE: I am officially done making changes in my home system.As far as portable audio....different story. On a second note: I purchased my SBLs many, many years back @ absolute sound ( JUDE,our moderator used to work there back in the day,lost track of him over the years ,only to run back into him @ a head-fi meet at the harbeth dealers place) SMALL world.
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You've meant an active SBL. ( nice! )

A 52 is a gem, still. I just got mine and very happy with it.
It makes me get away with a chrome bumper HC on a NAHA with a W5000 via a 52. ( I upgraded from a SuperCapped Nait 3R )
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I'm using the Naim CD5X in my speaker set-up with Harbeth.... fantastic stuff

Tried matching my Mapletree HD with the CD5i, CD5X and CA840C. Headphones used were RS-1 and K701.

If I'm to choose a player based on it's musicality, I'd say the CD5i. Exciting and engaging.

The 5x was so good that it helped my K701 rock! But with the RS1, it was too forward and hence almost unbearable for me.

The 840C is a tad lean and cold compared to the Naim... but charming in its own way.

Anyway, the I don't think it's terribly difficult to reterminate DIN i/cs to RCAs.. I sent a pair to one of my local audio shops and they did a pretty good job
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My Grados are loaned out to a friend of mine who recently bought a CDX2.
He's got a NAHA/NAPSC and having a great time buying a ton of new music ever since. ( that's what's all about, isn't it? )
I'm being hopeful maybe they'll come up with a *Super*NAHA a la SuperLine ( powered directly off a SuperCap via Burndy )one of these days.
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Have the Nait 5with B&W CM5's and, IMO, there is special synergy in this pairing. Haven't heard anything more engaging and fun to listen to in this price range. If anyone has suggestions for Naim pairings, please share. 


Focal 807's were my second choice for speakers -- those are some romantic, lovely speakers. If only they weren't so odd looking :) 

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