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working here
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Looking at Trawlerman's desktop, it is pretty obvious that he will soon need that fire extinguisher tucked away under his desk!
I am too lazy to post mine, but it is of a landscape I photographed outside Vladivostok with these purple bushes (I am pretty sure they are called bagul'niki in Russian, but the translation that Oxford yielded listed them as "Laborador Tea" which they were not) and an old guard's checkpoint. Anyway, it is usually obscured by icons anyway.
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of course my host decides to fubar their servers right after i post my pic. :/
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Nah. Looks very boring. And childish. I'm still waiting for the day Nintendo will be able to make a game that's not ment for children 3 and up.

Only reason why I bought a N64 was because Ocarina Of Time was going to be released on it. And then Majora's Mask came out but I never played it.. Maybe I should.

I don't understand how you could say that??? The new Gamecube system is the best put out by Nintendo yet...well, along with the new Gameboy Advance SP, which I just bought too. I'm now officially addicted to the Gameboy SP. Zelda and any other Gamecube games are not childish at all, IMO. It's just the type of style. Sure the graphics are diff on the new Zelda WW game, but I think they're Jet Grind Radio. To each is own

Anyways, here is my desktop!
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I'm going to post the desktop images themselves. That way, people who want them can grab them (although I can't see anyone other than a stalker using an image of my cluttered workspace to decorate *their* cluttered workspace).

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Compressed to crapfection.

Edit: Something weird happened with the image host. Whatever the hell was showing there was NOT my wallpaper.
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Large version

Large version

edit: ps, I know the date is wrong, every time I boot XP is screws with it.
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Scrypt, please don't tell me you run that turntable from on top of that cardboard box! That can't be too good for isolation...
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That's an old picture (which you can tell by the AT W100, which I borrowed from Pianoblack, and my desktop, which was still running on OS9). The turntable was elevated for a client who was taller than I.
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Ah, das ist gut. All the better for scratchin' wax johnny cakes...
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Here's my entirely uninteresting desktop:

Winamp (playing APE files) and Task Manager on my 19" and 17" monitors (for now).

Dual monitor AND dual processor.
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Originally posted by Mr.PD
If this works, here is mine.

Didn't much for webshots.

edit #2: it works!

Now it doesn't
Hai PD

I also do have a webshots on my desktop but I don't know either how to get it on this postings.

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Thread Starter 
captbubba: what are you running? I see gnome, and it looks like you're running gentoo linux from the command prompt. . . but you say winxp.
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Litestep Skin: LSx6.2.
Background: Your Melody Your Song, by Jasinksi. My backgrounds randomly shuffle...

LiteStep RULEZ!!1!1
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Originally posted by andrzejpw
captbubba: what are you running? I see gnome, and it looks like you're running gentoo linux from the command prompt. . . but you say winxp.
Oh, that's gentoo alright, but what I said is that WinXP screws up the date every time I login to do work with it (Macromedia stuff). The date shows up right in WinXP but is messed up in gentoo, and I just hadn't corrected it yet (I think Windows may sync to an external clock of some sort).
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