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hi-res here:
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And yes that's two monitors. Was four, but I realized that I don't do enough on a daily basis to justify it (was incredible for getting research and writing done though - which is why I set it up originally). The all-Fallout themed quad setup:
(the black-space is created by the image editor when the screen-grab is dropped; it was not a perfect videowall - this image has been substantially scaled down too (the overall display was 3972px wide))).

It looked like this (through my old phone's camera):

The widescreen monitors stayed, the other two are stored; in the place of the larger silver monitor is presently my amp stack (and I don't have DVD cases holding that shelf up with tension anymore - since it doesn't have a monitor on it - just the clock and headphones (this picture is outdated, I know - I don't have either of those headphones anymore)).

Oh, and this thread made me change my desktop - thanks! smily_headphones1.gif
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I like to keep thinks slick and minimal.

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An old favorite.....

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My Linux Mint still going strong....


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Is this XFCE? It's pretty. I haven't tried it in years, maybe I should revisit it.

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My second screen finally gave up. Fortunately the album my last wallpaper came from had more wallpapers included in the download, so I'm still rocking come cover art from my favourite musican.

Top left is the same rainmeter skins I had in the last pic I uploaded.

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It's Cinnamon, using Zukitwo (Top Panel) theme :)

Not as light as XFCE, as it's a fork of Gnome 3, but still easier and lighter than Ubuntu's Unity, Gnome Shell or KDE 4.

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Is this XFCE? It's pretty. I haven't tried it in years, maybe I should revisit it.

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Are we allowed to post mobile standbys here?

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Did you cook that together yourself?

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