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Ok here's mine (note the ever-present Ginger Altoids):

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hey racerx...i think i recognize that picture in the think you can take a picture of it? artist, title, etc? thanks. I really love that artist's style but i forgot his name. that is, if it's the same artist.
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Dali, you mean? He's the gent who painted women's bodies accessorized with drawers, which I suppose must have been convenient for him (though I'd like to know what he kept in Gala's).
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Yeah, that's a Dali. It's a lmited edition print he created for a special showing of his work in the 70's. I understand its very rare but have not been able to determine a title (if any).
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Originally posted by Mik
Here's mine, from WinXP. It's simple but I like it.

Thats what I call a desktop.... almost brings a tear to my eye looking at a view like that.

Nice to see Tower Bridge.... especially on a canadian computer
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Now I have Functional Weather ICONS !!!

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Debian Linux with KDE:

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Originally posted by scrypt
I'm going to post the desktop images themselves. That way, people who want them can grab them (although I can't see anyone other than a stalker using an image of my cluttered workspace to decorate *their* cluttered workspace).

Unbearables -- very cool!
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How cool, I just came to the Member's Lounge to start a new thread to show everyone this photo, and what do you know, this has been going on for months! I love this place.

As for the dual monitors, I've got a 19" and a 15" hehe, quite a contrast, but I love having both.
Here is "A Place to Chill"
and my other desktop "Toro"

A Place to Chill is from Photosig, an excellent photo community, however, you have to be a member to see the photos so I posted a separate link, here is the sig link

raymondlin - I love your avatar, asmussen is my hero!
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some cool wallpapers. just choose your res & set as background.

checkout Karamba:


what theme is that? It looks just like SuperKaramba. OSX? (definitely an Apple. I never broke my Apple roots. checkout where my trash bin is).

You can do screen captures with HyperSanp"

my W2k desktop (notice the little icons on the bottom left):

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the theme is called "Mile final" for style xp
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and where did you get it?
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Originally posted by zowie
Unbearables -- very cool!

Are you saying you like the name *unbearables* or that you actually know those writers?

I'm writing an essay this weekend for their new anthology, _The Worst Book I've Ever Read_. If you're interested, you could probably read with them at a tavern on Houston Street if you liked. Muster the cohonoes and I'll buy you a Pilsner draft.
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